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Top news: Blackened has launched its official website. Pre-Production is now complete. The team has grown to 15 developers.

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Hey everyone. My name is Hugh McGinley, and I am the new lead of Blackened. Things are going through a bit of a change at the moment, but we're still on track and everything is coming along nicely. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future, and thank you for checking out our mod.

The Blackened team and I proudly present the new official Blackened website. It is . It is here you can find the latest news, see who is on the team, and post in our official forums. You will still be able to find all of the news and updates here on ModDB as well.

As I said before, things are moving along nicely. Our pre-production phase is now complete and development has begun. We have just started the level design for Quarantine 07: Los Angeles. Our concept team is pushing out multiple concepts, and our modelers have begun work on assets for the first level. We even have some audio clips created by members of our audio team.

I want to take a minute and highlight a couple of Blackened's outstanding team members who have put much time and effort into this game.

Andrew (ZeroNow) Daniel created the website from scratch in literally a matter of days. He is updated and aware of almost all the current technology floating around and knows how to implement it well. He is dedicated and works tirelessly until he completes his task! He is also working on level design.

Allan (Sheldo) Wilson is an advanced level designer. He has a deep understanding of the Unreal Engine and knows what it takes to make a top notch map. He has quickly escalated to the position of Lead Level Designer for the Global Team. He has rapidly demonstrated proficient skills in management. He is surely a great asset to the team.

Roderick Constance is an outsanding concept artist. He has worked vigorously on pumping out work to help explain the idea of what Blackened is, and he's helped give the direction of the look and feel of the Blackened world to the rest of our team. Without his hard work, Blackened would be just a faceless idea.

Julius Claudio is the Art Director of Blackened. I asked him to jump aboard the Blackened train when Mark Price had to step away, and he has since been a significant contributor to the new and improved Blackened idea. Not only is he helping in the direction of the look of the artwork, but he has also provided suggestions and ideas that will ultimately mold Blackened into the great mod that we hope it can be. Without his contributions, Blackened probably would have fallen apart.

The main goal of Blackened is to help students and non-students get into the game industry. We want to provide our members with the best ideas and assets to create so that they can in turn increase the value of their portfolio. When the mod is finally complete, they can then say that they were a part of the creation of a working game! If any member needs help or direction of any kind, both myself and the rest of our members are more than willing to give critiques and recommendations in order to make each team member better. Getting into the game industry is our goal, and we're here to try and help you obtain that goal as well.

If you think you might be interested in joining the team, then please don't hesitate to contact me at

Thanks for your time. Please comment and critique as our idea unfolds. Any input is greatly appreciated :)

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