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Black of Space is coming along nicely. I have recently made some interesting changes that it's definately time to inform you about.

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Black of Space is coming along nicely. I have recently made some interesting changes that it's definately time to inform you about.

Unit Movement Fix
In previous working revisions of BoS, I have had an issue where units would jump back and forth between two locations because their velocities would make them overshoot their destination. So, I have added some code that uses the distance formula to determine when they are about to overshoot and set their velocity to 1 until they hit their destination.

Scaling Working Nicely
Scaling is all the way to 1pxl = 10m, meaning that you can finally see the size differences between a frigate and the factory that made it. (Clicking a picture will bring up the full size version)

So, now you can actually see that little frigate sitting next to the factory that constructed it (frigate is below the factory centered). That is the sabre class frigate, a test ship I have been using to implement basic unit behavior and fitting. It is 150m long, so is scaled to 15 pixels here.

To solve the problem of large structures overflowing the memory, I have decreased all structure sizes by 90% so that when scaled they take up less memory. This means there is a slight quality loss, but I will probably fix that later by introducing prescaled images instead of scaling in-code.

Fitting System Begun
The main attractions of BoS will be epic scale and ship fitting. Epic scale is pretty much finished, so ship fitting is next. Playing EVE Online will give you an idea of what I am trying to accomplish. You have slots that can be filled with different types of equipment based on power consumption. This means that your ships can be fit however you like, so I could make ships oriented towards massive shield recharge and low damage output, or fit fast hit and run craft.

First, however, an interface needs to be constructed to do so. The Sabre has 10 slots in total, 3 weapon slots, 3 ewar/defence slots, 2 structural slots, and 2 ship modification slots. When you click on the unit, no matter what zoom factor, you can see the current specs of the current fitting.

Fitting will be only available under the condition that your ships are within 100km of a manufacturing center. This means that you can't keep dynamically refitting ships durring a fight, which is both unbalanced and unrealistic.

In that screenshot, nothing is fitted and no bonuses are applied. I have not written the actual fitting window yet.

Questions? Comments? Contact me either at or at .

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