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黑神话:悟空Black Myth: Wu Kong Mount & Blade: Warband mod | TBD

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Black Myth Wu Kong first demo download at

press wasd =move

press left-ctrl+click space =fly(should press left-ctrl and often click space)(when you are on the air, more times to left-ctrl+space can jump high and not need to lay on the ground to jump, so seems fly or more levels' jump)

left-ctrl+w=crap collision such as walls

press Left-alt =special animation for monkey king wukong

press x=special animation for monkey king wukong,can make player's hit points recover.

press e=special animation for monkey king wukong, a skill to hurt enemies near you

press q = skill for weapon become long to attack

press right mouse= skill for weapon to hit ground

be care ,many behavior need you to press key for a while.

click key O is forced to turn to next level task

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