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I am pleased to tell you that Improved Xen 1.0 is already available for downloading.

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Do you want to return in "good old days" and experience that true classic - Half-life 1, (xen levels) but with improved graphics, geometry, and gameplay ? You can download it now, on the link below, or in Steam Workshop.

Black Mesa: Improved Xen v1.0

Black Mesa: Improved Xen v1.0

The only difference between these two resources is the way of installing the mod. During 7 years I made 7 versions of Improved Xen, which is a big number for this kind of work. You can see the evolution of the mod since its early version till now, and how Black Mesa influenced it. It was an amazing and exciting experience for me, and I share the result of my work with you, as usual. I tried to take the best materials from Black Mesa 1.0 to bring new spirit into my own mod. However, some things will not be changed because I have my own vision of Xen, and try to fallow the canonical Half-Life style.

New gameplay footage (Trailer)

In my opinion, even the latest version of Black Mesa still has some flaws and it is quite unstable. I faced them while adapting and updating my mod to its new version (1.0). I was surprised, because I expected to see more polished version of BM, than it is now. But the quality of Black mesa is the highest now, compared to all period of its development. I am sure, that all future BM updates will not destruct my mod anymore, and I put a lot of afford to avoid this possible problem. I hope you will enjoy my new Improved Xen. Meanwhile, you can monitor the news about Azure Sheep Remake, I am involved in its development too.

Teleport to Nihilanth

Also I am waiting for your feedback about my mod in the comments below. If you have some problems with it, I'll try to help you If I can. Thank you for your attention!


Nice we can still get some good old Xen with Black Mesa's graphics :)

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It would be nice if we could get the two intertwined. I think Black Mesa's adaption of Gonarch's Lair is fantastic, and the Nihilanth fight is vastly superior to the original one. Seeing as you teleport into both of these locations, it should be rather seamless.

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This mod is for me.
I didn't like Black Mesa's Xen at all.
I thought it was beautiful and interesting at the start,
but quickly became a never-ending slog.
I thought every subsequent playthrough of mine
would simply have to end at the Xen entrance portal.
Thanks for the hard work.

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I loved both Xen and Gonarch's Lair but Interloper started to drag on for far too long IMO. The pacing just felt off.

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zloikot Author


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