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- New high performance build - Added anisotropic filtering - Added physically based shading - Added extra water shaders - Added blur effect on pause game - Added inventory system and demo - Added explosion effect and demo - Added water and air demo - Added armour entity and demo - Added melee demo and bat weapon - Added dual wielding demo - Added gib demo with blood effect - Added tonemapping shader and demo - Added skyscroll demo and clouds - Added FPI EditPad scripting tool - Improved lighting

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- More performance improvements from S4real and better FPSC timer system
- We've added anisotropic filtering but anyone using a modern video card will already support this feature
- Thanks to Uzi Idiot for allowing us to include his physical based shaders and tonemapping.
- Several water shader variations are now included. You can find these in effectbank\common folder
- Built games now use a blur effect when pausing the game, similar to Half Life 2
- Thanks to Tax78 for his inventory system. We've included 2 demo levels which need to be built together (only works for built games)
- Thanks to Tax78 for his water / air system. We've included a demo level to show how this is setup
- We've added more demos for melee combat, dual wielding, gibs, blood and sky scroll with clouds
- Thanks to Flatlander for his excellent script editor which can now be found in the tools folder
- General improvements to lightmapping quality, editor graphics and dynamic entity shader (moving light support)

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