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New version of Black Ice! Tons of changes. Check out the Patch Preview video!

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  • TODAY ONLY: Halloween Surprise!
  • Big Change: Hacks will only complete when all enemies are dead.
  • Two new Unique Items - Spider Mines & Shaxwell's Silver Hammer
  • Heal software is now toggle-on instead of hold-on
  • Shotguns are now all-or-nothing, no more partial shots
  • Jump Buildings are less rare
  • You can no longer shop or click info boxes during hacking
  • Enemies are easier to shoot: Lasers are faster, and enemies hit boxes are slightly larger
  • Mines now activate immediately
  • Windowed Mode is now consistent
  • Screen Resolution option added
  • Health Talent Buffed
  • Bug Fixes!

I'd love to hear from you about how hacks don't finish until the enemies are dead.Any other feedback or suggestion is always appreciated.

the official Reddit/r/gamedev Feedback Friday thread if you'd like to give feedback there.

Remember, you can always check out the Black Ice homepage at

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