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In this update you can find complete informations about Habitats - the underground stuctures where humanity lives.

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Habitats are divided into several levels called Environments. Each Environment (level) can support a different number of inhabitants (humans and their pets). The number of habitable units increasis with number of Environment (counting from top to bottom).

Environment / habitable units* / environment label
env1 / 5, 000 / A
env2 / 20, 000 / B
env3 / 50, 000 / C
env4 / 100, 000 / D
env5 / 150, 000 / E
env6 / 300, 000 / F

*1 habitable unit = 1 person
** env [number] - people commonly used abbreviation

Environment 1 is strictly only for Elite citizens the owners of White Drive. The White Drive ocurres in only 0.5% of population. On Environment 2 live the entire government and the richest inhabitants. The Environment 3 is reserved for the security forces of the Habitat and for the government offices. Environment 4 is also know as Environment of knowledge, because there are universities and research facilities. Large part of Environment 5 covers industrial area, the rest is for habitable units. And at last the Environment 6, this level is three quartes only habitable units the rest is for heavy industry.

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