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Bittersweet News - I have some terrible news and some great news about Incandescence. Some of the good news is I've provided an excuse in the form of a backstory.

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After what seemed like forever, Incandescence is no longer holding an information embargo against you. Unfortunately, while they were testing out moving platforms with portals, one of them just happened to break away from it's safety cable and, as if by really bad luck, passed through the other platform with a portal on it. This caused a time-warp, which was too much for the moderation reactor to handle, triggering a massive explosion. Luckily, nothing but the portal platforms and the room they were in were unharmed.

Shortly afterward, due to the time-warp, the facility went back in time, to where there was only a fraction of what had been of Incandescence. All that remained was the founder, Glyhen Glühbirne, and her ideas of a perilous yet secure testing initiative. However, Glühbirne was not fooled by the universe's michevious trickery, and so she remembered how everything was in her old facility, and decided to scrap most of it and start over again.

No longer would she be requiring test subjects to have to use such a common and futuristic design for a interdimensional portal creating device, and regardless of what her Financial Advisor had told her, she was determined to create the most unstable portal-creating device to ever have been engineered. Taking all laws and regulations regarding consumer safety out of the equation, Glühbirne's idea would be flawless. However, due to government regulations, Glühbirne was unable to achieve her original plan, unless she would be able to show proof that the testing environments contained within her facility were completely safe and free of pointy things.

Unfortunately, the blueprints to the perfect test chamber were completely ruined one day when Glühbirne had accidentally shredded the blueprints along with her junk mail. They were tragically never fully recovered. Ironically, all but the main puzzle had been salvaged, such as the exit door mechanism, and the button placements.
Glühbirne's original ideas have not been forgotten, nor will they ever be. Thankfully, her unstable portal-creating device concept is already under way.

We apologize for this design disaster, yet we appreciate that you read this excuse about the lost files written in the form of a backstory,

The Incandescence Team,

Just me, MikuMikuCookie :D

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