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These are the bios of the characters i have so far. Tell me what you think.

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Saya: She is a ghost/phantom who died a tragic death. She never really had many friends, and was bulled a lot. She has black hair and wears a red dress, though at the bottom of the dress it's all ragged and torn. She appears to be floating because she has no legs. She is fully transparent despite being a ghost. She now resides in a dark, cold house, But this house she resides in can't be found by anyone. Saya offen feels lonely, and gets lost all the time. Despite her being in that house over 100 years......she still hasn't explored it fully.

Yokou: He is a lonner, and keeps his distance from other people. His grades in school are very poor and he lives on his own despite only being 17. This is because he was Split off from his parents because they where abusive. His dad was always drunk and would beat him cencsless for no know reason, and his mother just doesn't care. He works at a Walmart and makes minimum wage. He only goes to school 3 times a week, and after he gets home from work he doesn't go out side once. He spends most of his free time on the computer researching dark magic and occult related things. this has lead many to believe he is a satanic, but he yells at anyone who trys to clam him as one.

Yusa: Yusa is a doctor at the local hospital near where Yokou's apartment is. Nearly every time one of her patients wakes up they scream of freak out because of her long.......long hair that comes down over her right eye. Down at the tips of her hair she has dyed it purple because she thought it went with her eyes, and it also went with her style. Like Yokou she is researching occult related things. She has a high beliefs in ghost and demons; this has made her really sensitive to them. She will try her best to get people to believe in ghost, but when they refuse to believe in the paranormal she gets mad because she has a ghost that follows her around that only she can scene and see. This has lead many to believe she is a schizophrenic. This angers her a lot because she knows she is real.......she just wishes she could prove it.

Shadow Demons: They wander aimlessly though the dark halls of the house. It is normally really hard to see them. Normally the only way you can tell if one is near is to listen to the sound they make, or the red glow of there eyes. They will drain all living objects of life. . They tend to draw satanic symbols everywhere. Not much is known about them, and the only thing a poor soul can do is run and hope they don't catch you.

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