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The 1.2 release of Double Vision, resolving major gamebreaking issues as well as adding further cutscene rescores and some graphical consistency additions!

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Bionicle Heroes: Double Vision 1.2 Release!

DV 1.2 Update Content

Hey everyone! The next update for DV 1.2 is out of necessity more than pleasantry, because some major issues were introduced in DV 1.1 that needed resolving (hence all the 1.1 update content being archived on ModDB). However, these issues are now fixed thanks to help from the community, and a few nice things have been added too to make this more than just a bug fix. Let's get into it!


-Silver Toa addons updated with low-res weapon model retextures - In MOVN 2.1, I updated the low-res models of a lot of models for consistency sake with the rest of the mod. I've now done the same with Silver Toa, particularly because this lays the ground work for cross-platform mods.

-Nuparu updated with low-res weapon model retextures - Ditto above. Nuparu has yellow weapons in DV instead of red, as per the DS release, so this is now consistent here too.


DV 1.2 Update Content

DV 1.2 Update Content

DV 1.2 Update Content

DV 1.2 Update Content


-Fixed some pretty major softlocks due to removing too many cutscenes - In the last edition of DV 1.1, I thought I'd come across a sure-fire way to remove even more cutscenes from the game, and whilst some worked with this, it broke many and that rendered some levels uncompleteable. This has now been resolved thanks to help from Footloose.


-Cutscenes re-enabled for bug-fixing reasons have been re-sounded - As more cutscenes had to be restored for DV 1.2 to fix issues with level completion, they have been re-sounded as well in accordance with others in the mod.


-Updated to MOVN 2.1 where relevant - Since DV 1.1 there's been another version of MOVN released too, introducing further consistency improvements. Not all are relevant to DV as DV has custom splash screens, but the relevant improvements seen in MOVN 2.1 here are introduced in DV 1.2 as well.

-Updated credits for Footloose who helped find further issues with the last release - Footloose helped test levels in the wake of the last release's new bugs and also helped resolve them, making the road to this patch release much smoother.

DV 1.2 Update Content


DV 1.2 was mostly a necessary rather than pleasant update, but I still found a few nice things to throw in. A major breakthrough is on the horizon for Heroes modding, though, with both levels and 100% custom model imports having been prototyped in recent weeks. That means the next addition to DV may be gigantic enough to warrant its own graduation into 2.0, same as with MOVN. Exciting times! And if you'd like to take part in those times, join our Discord server here:

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