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Adding a new a feature that allows for skill tracking, and some other updates.

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So, updates: I've recently implemented a new feature called 'Bingo Book'. This will rate your detective skills at the end of each chapter, based on how 'thorough' you've been with your investigation. I've yet to figure out if there should be any extra rewards for getting 100% (besides the rating that you unlock) or the content that you dove into would be enough for that. Either way it's a good tool that indicates if you've missed some details during your session, so there's reason for you to think of every possible thing to do.


Otherwise I've been fixing minor issues related to either design or consistency. One of such was KEX, she's got an eye transplant. This allows for better expressions, and gives a better overall picture of her. Her eyes used to be very tiny for a long time, now they're somewhat comically large while also being slightly creepy.


The general UI was also changed a bit to fit better with the themes: now black bars indicate your selections, and every window has it's own title for a more ease of use. They used to be too empty and might have caused some confusion on what they actually were, considering a lot of players would not understand right from the start what website refers to what action.


The amount of old tech is also slightly increasing for the first chapter, a few more things will be introduced earlier now, so you can learn about their existence for future use.

Additionally I've also changed some really minor things, that would again be more beneficial: such as the text selection cursor for the puzzle. I've felt that the mouse wasn't a good enough indicator, so now you have a pen / marker that not only makes it more obvious what you are doing, it's also easier to use.

That's pretty much it for now. I'm trying to prevent 'feature creep' becoming an issue, but I've realized that there's things which I really need to add now, otherwise the game will just feel like some bare-bones prototype. If it makes sense for it, it will be unlocked at a later chapter, but otherwise there's no reason for it to not exist beforehand either. Since everything build on top of one another, I really have to think more about what to include when and how, otherwise it might become overwhelming in the long run.

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