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You can now download Bilumin for free on the Google Play Store!

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This afternoon we've launched our new game Bilumin for Android devices!

Bilumin is an abstract themed game where you control two luminescent spheres or “lumins”. You must rotate them to get other small lumins while avoiding the obstacles that fall in between. Compete with your friends to see who has the best reflexes and get to the top of the global leaderboard, and challenge yourself to get all the achievements!

Demo Demo

When we started with the idea for Bilumin we intended to make a game about changes, that you could not avoid but could make a choice. In this game there will be powerups that keep coming down that affect the behaviour to help (or not) your performance for 15-20 seconds. It's your choice to grab it or not.

What does the powerups do?

Yellow powerup:
Pro (Golden mode): You get 25 points for each lumin.
Counter (Fat mode): The Bilumins get fatter and slower.

Green powerup:
Pro (SlowMotion mode): You get 20 points for each lumin and they drop at low speed.
Counter (Boost mode): The Bilumins get super fast and difficult to control.

Red powerup:
Pro (Magnet mode): Bilumins get magnetic and attract lumins nearby, and you get 15 points for each lumin.
Counter (Drunk mode): Bilumins work in reverse, you control them backwards.

Start playing now!

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