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This week I took some time to begin creating these lifeforms that will populate our galaxy. they're gonna look like polygons - like low-poly animals.

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This week I took some time to begin creating these lifeforms that will populate our galaxy. they're gonna look like polygons - like low-poly animals. In a large galaxy, I suspect there are many different kinds of life: sentient gas balloons, peanut-monsters, frozen liquid vortex freaks, energy based wind-whirls, etc. Who even knows? So many possibilities. we live in a large and detailed place.

Anyway, I'm going to digress right now: Here's my freaking ISSUE with "science" fiction these days. THESE DAYS, its all just explosions, SPACE WARS, and planet-hopping space-time NONSENSE. mmmmm somebody's got the nerve to call this "science" fiction?? Ha. hhhhhhhaaaaa. ARE YOU KIDDDINGGNGDFF<M!<@#??? ? ?

Hehe, jk, lol. But this does kinda explain why I wanted to make this game. There are things like relativity, and time dilation that make interstellar travel a real terrifying trek-trip to the cosmic-walgreens. For example, if you assume, like most scientists, that going faster than the speed of light is impossible, than travelling to the closest star and back -- this is 8 years. Not to mention, if you go that fast, the rest of humanity will age faster than you. When you return to earth, your friends & family (bilateral ground walkers) could be mostly dead.

anyway... I figured I would start with the familiar and work my way outward. What's more familiar than bilateral ground walkers? idk. Yeah bilateral ground walkers are one of 18 types of lifeform that I have decided to include in the galaxy. They've got legs, torsos, and heads - they also tend to walk & run. Examples: humans, giraffes, deer. I don't want to give them all away, but there are also bilateral liquid swimmers (fish), and radial gas jets (no earth-based comparison is available here. I imagine they will be squid-like creatures that live in the atmospheres of gas giant planets).

media: I didn't got too far on these. I spent alot of time messing with quaternians (this was complicated and annoying. Quaternians aren't communicative. That means A * B doesn't equal B* A. wow!). So ya, here are some random deer torsos that I am auto generating. The hope is that these can also be morphed into gorillas, humans, and all other kinds of bilateral ground walkers. I'll have to give them heads of course.

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