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The release for BIGWolf3D is here. The BIG mod for Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny.

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Why does Wolfenstein 3D need to be so big? Why did I create a mod for Wolfenstein 3D which increases the dungeon size by 2x in each axis? The answer is I have been growing tired of small enclosed in dungeon environments and a lack of space in Wolfenstein 3D for a number of years now. So I thought it would be a good time to change that.

An extra benefit is the added space could help to encourage some players spend more time playing Wolfenstein 3D or Spear of Destiny for fun. In particular fans of Doom should welcome this change since the environments in Doom tended to be more spaced out than those in Wolfenstein 3D (for engine reasons, mainly).




Affect on Game Balance

Using BIGWolf3D you are less likely to take lethal damage up close from one of the many hit-scan enemies in Wolfenstein 3D. I know this has been a source of frustration to many Wolfenstein 3D players over the years. So when you walk around a corner you shouldn't expect a guard (or better yet, a mutant) to shoot you in the face at close range - killing you in a single shot. Instead you should be able to take advantage of the increased space to plan your attacks and play more defensively.

A potential draw back of the increased space is you may run out of ammo quicker if you try to spam enemies from a distance. So this is an extra challenge you'll need to overcome in BIGWolf3D.

One other affect on game balance is you will less likely feel the need to cheese the game by spamming a door passage with the knife. The reason is door passages in BIGWolf3D are 2x wider and 2x longer than in the vanilla game, giving an enemy passing through more opportunity to hit you before you land your melee attack.

I cannot rule out other effects on game balance or game play in general - which is part of the point of this release. Be prepared to adapt to the larger environment and most of all have fun while doing it!

How to Run

You should confirm you can run either Wolfenstein 3D or Spear of Destiny using LZWolf before attempting to run BIGWolf3D. This process will not be explained here, since this project is a mod for LZWolf and assumes you have LZWolf installed on your system correctly.

Then the process of running this mod should be simple. Drag and drop the BIGWolf3D mod PK3 onto the LZWolf EXE. The mod should load and run without issues when either Wolfenstein 3D or Spear of Destiny is selected to play.

Final remarks

I hope you have fun playing BIGWolf3D for Wolfenstein 3D or Spear of Destiny. I had a fun experience making it.

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