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Square Legacy Snapshot 3 of 0.6 is Live, To Get It Update Through The Launcher, Or Download The Game-Only Package In The Downloads Section. Everything You Need To Know About The Update Can Be Found Below! (Note: Picture Of The New Update Will Be Posted Within The Next Couple Days)

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Square Legacy Snapshot 3 of 0.6 is Live, Here's Everything You Need To Know!:


- New Look To Haven

- Wagons (Fast Travel / Fancy Teleport)

- Horses (Triple The Players 'On-Foot'Speed);

- Players Can Now Sell Their Loot To Vendors
- Selling items is instantaneous and no longer create any random dupes
- If the value of an item is less than 50 shops will purchase it, but not add it to their inventory

- Coins are now bags of money

- New Menu Music (Fits a main menu better than Valliant, but Valliant will be used elsweyr)

- In GS3 You Can See A Line To What Zombies Are Tracking

- Summon water familiar ability (Unlocked at level 11)

- Searing Bolt ability lights mobs on fire

- Player Animation Stops When Hitting A Wall

- In GS3 You Can No Longer Blink Into Walls, You Need To Be In Dev / Stats Mode

- New dungeon spawn routines

- Poison Zombie (Spawns only in dungeons)

- Invisibility Potion

- The player no longer walks on top of entities, instead, their y-values are compared to decide which one is rendered first

- Save files are easier to distribute among friends

- New Chest Pieces (Armors & Robes)

- Pressing M maximizes the minimap
- Minimaps now have borders

- New Ice Dungeon & Ice Dungeon Mobs (WIP, A Boss Will Be Included Next Update along With A Skeletal Mage)

- Added "Summon Water Familiar" Ability -- Summons A Water Creature To Fight For You For A Small Amount Of Time (Scales With MDF)

- It is no longer required to have the Arcane Twig (Or any staff to shoot), the player can conjure a bolt dealing a small amount of damage

- Engine:

- Modified Sound Engine For Better Control (So That Volume Sliders May Be Used Later On)
- Organized The Location Of The Sound & PNG Files In The .Jar File
- Later On We Can Now Have The Possibility Of Sound & PNG Packs To Replace Default
- Everything now saves, including items, equipment, current location (and world), and various other bits of player data (skill points, level, etc)

- GUI changes:

- Player Stat Screen
- Pause Menu Buttons
- Other HUD Tweaks

- Options Menu (Click the cog in the pause menu):

- Can Disable Auto Save
- Delete Saves
- Enable/Disable Multiplayer Features
- Open The Help File (PDF)
- Has A List Of Controls For The
- {Future Plan} Option to Enable / Disable Perma-Death (Currently Disabled)

- Player Stats:

- Added Agility, Defence and Magic Defence Stats

- Status Bars:

- Completely rewritten so that in the future the size of the bar can be adjustable from the options menu
- Added an exp bar to the inventory

- Chest Pieces:

- Added Abyssal Armor, Dragon's Armor, Iron Armor, Copper Armor,

Maelstrom Robes, Cloak of Sun Acolyte, Linen Robes, & Cotton Robes

- Status Effects (Things like fire, poison, etc):

- Displayed To The Left Of The Inventory
- Can Be Positive & Negative
- Will Be Used A Lot In The Future

- (Undead Caster) AI Changes:

- After Running Into A Walled Off Area (like a house) It's Harder For Undead Casters To Notice / Follow You
- Won't Shoot If A Wall Is Between Them And Their Target
- If Met With A Dead End While Fleeing They Will Begin to Attack You Again
- These AI Properties Have Also Be Adopted By Other Mobs

- Village Guards:

- They patrol areas until a hostile mob is found, which they will attack

- New Sounds:

- Sword clash when guards attack
- Horse whinnies
- Wagon‚Ā¨

- A Huge Ammount Of Bug Fixes, Primarily Note:

- Item duping (multiple)
- A* is less laggy and more fluid
- Bags of money can no longer be dropped
- Entity update radius is now smaller (If you lagged in the main world before, expect a huge FPS gain)
- There was a bunch of 'slow' code that I improved, expect a lot more of this in the future

- Launcher Fixes:

- Launching the game should work slightly better now on Mac and Linux
- Sometimes, when launching the game a small window would appear

The Next Update Shouldn't Be That Far Off, Perhaps A Week Or So Make Sure To Follow The Game To Get Notified When It Is Released!

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