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This is the latest news about the biggest new feature that I have put into Universum Yet!

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Upgrades are a rap! Well for now atleast, today has been a hard days work coding, I've added the last upgrade for the release version that is to unlock the power-ups.This means that you will first have to buy the upgrade in order to start buying power-ups.

I have also started working on something totally new to the game, and that is a leveling system. So instead of just having upgrades to increase advantage or as a way to improve your score, you can level your ship and get new stats for each level, I’ll explain after some shots;

This is a snapshot of the leveling bar in action.

This is the new progress screen (currently being worked on) and it will show you what advantages you have for the level you are, plus the advantages your will gain if you level up again.This system works from kills, each kill you make gains you 1 experience point, and every level has a different limit. As you can see from the first shot, its on 42/60 meaning there has been 42 kills made towards the 60 kill target to level up to level 3.

It starts at fairly low targets to get users used to the system then it will start getting really hard, and at the moment I have set myself a goal of making 100 levels (and planning level 100 to take 1m or more kills to achieve).This system will unlock many different things, including a fourth secret power-up, new skins and better environment stats.

I think I need a sleep now, so CHEERIO!
Thanks, Rob.



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