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News about the EU Faction! Replacing it with a new faction!

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The EU Faction will be replace by the UN Faction...


Because for my opinion the EU was kind of getting over use on other mods so I change it into a UN Faction! But not like other mods, UN will be like other faction, unique and balance! The Un will not act as a boss general in this mod!

UN will have 3 Generals

Just like others, it will have 3 Generals to play with, Im still planning what are the names are and what are the powers will they have with....

Units will be transfer into the UN faction

UN Soldier,UN Humvee and Officer will be put in use on the UN Faction meaning the USA will no longer use them as their advance forces, POW Trucks will be added for them as a heavy land transport that have a fast speed but as a balance, units cant fire inside and POW Truck will be unarmed unit.....

Buildings will replace with newer one instead of a USA building in the future

Suggestion are available for the development of this mod
so every little help you give will make the progress faster
(I guess) so you can enjoy every update I release for everyone
to try out :D

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