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An update for Dreamcast Conversion has been released

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I'm happy to present you the first major update for Dreamcast Conversion, which you can download here!

If you have an older version, be sure to delete all "DC_..." folders from your mods folder before installing this version.

Highlights of this version:

  • 100% compatible with SADXFE Code and SET layout fixes, many of which have been integrated into this conversion. Make sure you load DC mods AFTER SADXFE.
  • Includes many new enhancements, from texture improvements and fixing transparent objects to bringing back missing detail from the Dreamcast version - see the changelog in the archive for more information
  • Includes Dreamcast Branding and Dreamcast Subgames by TheArcadeStriker, as well as ADX voices from the Dreamcast version
  • Restored more boss landtables from the Dreamcast version
  • New effects, such as improved water, better mirrors in Twinkle Park 3 and dynamic fog in Windy Valley 1 (right before the tornado) and Mystic Ruins jungle, as well as general fog and draw distance improvements
  • LOTS of bug fixes!

Also be sure to check out the latest version of the palette lighting mod by SonicFreak94 - a recent update improved brightness calculation accuracy, and now the lighting looks even closer to the Dreamcast version.

Hope you enjoy playing the Dreamcast mods in the new year!


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