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Our new game is going to blow your mind everyone, please take a look and tell me what you think ;)

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Hey Everyone this is the "Big Update" we have been talking about, i'm pretty sure its gonna blow your minds so read on and keep your cool hahaha Well first things first Wings of Skyrille is a huge game that we can not create with a handfull of people as talented as they may be, we have real life jobs or school so most of us can't work 24/7 on it. We can't call for a Crowdfund yet either since when were gonna do that its gonna be a BLAST and were not ready for that yet. What we are ready for and what we are working on and will focus on for a while is Skyrille: Arena!!!What is Skyrille Arena?Its the way we want to get forward with this project. Its important to us and i think to every Game Developer that the keep their heads cool and not rush with huge projects they can't deliver and end up with a low moralle and a broken down team so we have been working this past time on a way smaller version of our game witch is Skyrille: Arena and trust us your so gonna dig this ;)Its basicly an arena game with the theme of WoS, Steampunk versus Magic and were using those caracters, you might be thinking "yeah it sounds cool and all but what's different?" thats where things get realy exciting. The combat sistem will be one that will blow your socks off its a realy realy fast paced 1hit KO battle sistem. We wanted to show you all some video footage but not everything goes acording to plan hahaha but its still coming soon ;) Recruiting:Ok Ok lets chill now and let the arena aside, and talk some more important things. Lately our team has lost 3 members even though this will not set us back in the slightest we still need to fit those places back don't we? I'll now enumerate what places we have available and how to apply 3d modeller (environment) 3d modeller (caracter artist)3d modeller (Hard surface modeller)Caracter concept artistWeb Designer Animator(beeing able to texture your work sure would help a lot and is a strong bonus as well as having experience with unity)You can all apply by sending me an email at with your portofolium or any examples of your work. I guess that's about it everyone, let uss know of the screenshots we posted and all that, till we meet again ;)

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