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Big update featuring 13 screens of the M1 Garand and attachements, M1A1 Carbine, BMW R series + Sidecar and a Tiger I Tank!

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Update! December 20th 2009.

It has been a while since our previous update and 2 weeks ago i promised you guys to give an update quick but it had some delay. But here it is!.

First im glad to see our mod growing. Some new members joined the previous weeks wich we are very happy with.
Sadly enough we haven't got any building models yet but they are coming. Our building modeler was busy with school and hopefully he can model some nice buildings this holiday.

The M1 Garand:

This semi-automatic-8-round-rifle is now done texturing and ready to be put ingame. Watch the screens for more detail etc. The M1 Garand came with some accessories too. Those accessories made the weapon more versatile in different combat situations. For hand to hand fighting, the Bajonet was an awesome piece of weaponry mounted on top of the barrel. Of course the Grenade launcher can't be forgotten, this mod will feature both the Frag and the High Explosive version's of the Grenades in both the Training and Live type of ammunition.
For the tactical side of the mod, there will also be a smoke grenade and a flare grenade.
Note: All these attachements were used during the WW2 and are exact replicas of the original ones.
The M1 Carbine:
The M1 Carbine, also known as the "Baby-Garand". But this weapon wont be featured in our mod.
Tough the M1A1 Carbine will be! This is the Paratrooper version of the M1 Carbine with a folding stock.
The M1 Garand was used Alot but the M1 Carbine and M1A1 Carbine were used a lot more. It's smaller size made it perfect for paratroopers, officers, medics, engineers and every other soldier wich had to carry extra weight.
The only problem of this weapon is the smaller bullet size. The M1 Carbine and other versions used the .30 caliber round while the M1 Garand used the bigger .30-06 caliber round. Wich gave the M1 Carbine less stopping power.
German Motorcycle (BMW R Series + Sidecar):
This will be one of a few bikes featured in a mod. I'm sure others managed to get one to work, but this one is unique! Not only is it a bike, but it got a sidecar wich allows fast transportation and firepower, since it is possible to mount a MG on the sidecar an rush trough enemy defenses.
This model is still WIP and still needs to be textured and also works ingame and is drivable.

Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf├╝hrung H:
Translated: Panzer VI version H, or better known as the Tiger I Heavy Tank. This Heavyweight tank caused a lot of fear on the allied side with armour up to 120mm (4,7 In.) on some places. And with the famous "88" german Flak gun it made a respectable opponent for every allied soldier.

1930's MG Six 18-80 Mark II (Vehicle):

No new screens for this one yet, needs to be textured but we've managed to get it ingame and working, it still needs some minor tweaks to both the model and script but it's a nice start!

Since this update features 13 screens it is annoying if you have to scroll all the way down every time, therefore you can check the newest screens in the image tread on our moddb!

CCCode: M1 Garand + Attachements, M1 Carbine
Torn1942: German Bike + Sidecart, Tiger I

PS: Are your hands getting itchy and want to texture some of these models? Please send me a PM!

Have a nice christmas!
- BigBox Productions

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