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The most exciting event of the year is coming! Cross-server Diamond Roulette offers players great amount of diamonds and many other rare items. Everyone has free draws to win diamonds.

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2014 is nearly over! In just under a year, we have accomplished quite a lot in League of Angels, wouldn't you say? To summarize your achievements, we are holding an exclusive Yearly Review event. With this event, you will be handsomely rewarded by reaching certain achievements. Read on for the details!

All the servers have been updated on Dec. 26th. This update may affect your connection in-game and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Following the update, players should simply refresh the page to see new content and the changes once the update is complete.

New Event - Yearly Review
Duration: Dec. 27th - Dec. 31st
You have stuck with League of Angels for nearly a year and we'd like to thank you. In this special event, reach certain achievements and you'll be handsomely rewarded! These achievement categories include: Angel, Mount, Heroes, Character and Challenge. Rewards include Cherubstone, Hero Mark, special Flair, Totem Badge, and many more awesome items. What's more, in this event, you can purchase some rare Angels, Mounts, Heroes, Gems, Fairies, and some rare items on a great discount.

New Item - Aquarius of Angel (Obtained from upcoming events)

Use the Aquarius of Angel to get the magic Spring of Grace. Drink the Spring of Grace to receive a random buff. The Spring of Grace was once the purest water on earth, which brings power to any human once it's been drunk. However, since the forces of darkness found it, they poisoned the water to revenge the angels and humans. If you drink the poisoned water, your buff may decrease for a limited time in battle, so be careful!

Event Configuration:
1.Group Buy
Select the resource you need and buy it in Group Buy. The more the resource is purchased by players the lower the price is.
2.Loralei’s Wardrobe
Great chance to get your angles new fashions! Dress your angel up and celebrate the coming of new year.

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