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Get Fumiko! on to get 100% DRM-Free goodness! The game has received a big patch that improves the menu and fixes some early bugs.

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Get Fumiko! on!

There is a new demo you can play right now that you can download
on IndieDB or on the page:

» Fumiko! on «

New Trailer

Watch the latest trailer! The last one was a bit too long.

This just in! Check out this detailed review from Mighty Nifty:

Patch Notes


  • There has been a major bug that caused the default camera speed to be at almost 0, this has now been resolved


The menu has gotten quite an overhaul. I have decided to change the floaty interface to a screen overlay. This improves readability and allows me to show the menu more reliably.

  • Menu is now an overlay that dims the screen
  • Menu can now be activated during text scenes with some minor exceptions
  • Latest Log now scales properly when there are too many lines instead of cutting them off
  • Fixed a bug that caused music and ambient volume to fall down to 20% when exiting the game when the menu is open (If you have encountered very loud sounds, that was the issue. Make sure to check the sound settings after this patch)
  • Quit Game no longer requires the player to keep holding a button. Press the exit key and accept to close the game.
  • Default Settings were messed up when the game was started for the first time, this has now been resolved

Text Scenes

  • It is no longer possible to skip text with B or SHIFT
  • You can now auto-complete text by pressing A/Space and start skipping text by holding A/Space
  • Fixed some smaller typos
  • Changed some sentences that were grammatically correct but sounded bad
  • Added some sentences to chapter 2 that might help finding the way to continue the main plot
  • It is no longer possible to select and edit the text by pressing TAB


  • Added a subtle hint to the exit gate of Kronos Bridge
  • Changed the size of a trigger in the second level
  • Updated several levels to be conform with the new menu and skip mode


  • It should now be less likely for the mouse cursor to show up, but unity can't be helped to show it once in a while. Opening the ingame menu (ESC) will hide the cursor again, should it still occur. I'll try and file a bug for Unity in the next days and maybe get them to give it a fix.

Recent Patch Notes

Also for those that haven't seen the patch notes from 02/14/17

  • Fumiko now needs more time to start running when using a keyboard, improving the precision of walking controls for keyboard users
  • Automatic Camera rotation is now incremental in speed to avoid camera shaking when taking small steps
  • Fixed a typo in the playground

Get it for 25% less

By the time this article goes live, the game will go back to its normal price on Steam.

You can still get it for the discounted price on until February 28th!

Thank you!

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