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Sorry for no updates the past few weeks, I was on holiday, and colecting some info about the game, so here it is.

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I think everyone saw the riot shield in some pictures or videos of the game. Well now it was officialy comfirmed, that the shield will be used as a perk. Riot shield guys are defenseless (except they can melee with it) because the riot shield requires both hands to hold, so you can’t shoot when you have it out. Best used in conjunction with another player. Even then, plenty of ways to counter someone with a shield.”

Some Q/A

Question: “So how is this riot shield thing going to work in multiplayer?”
Bowling: “Oh, it will be a perk!”

Question: “Won’t it be pretty over-powered?”
Bowling: “Not really, there weakness is a flash grenade, whenever they get flashed they lower the shield revealing a nice head-shot, What is really cool is having two people with riot shields crouching down while one person fires over the top of them, it is effective and it looks cool.”

Two Map Packs Announced for Modern Warfare 2

"Modern Warfare 2 continues the gripping and heart-racing saga with an unprecedented level of action as players face off against a new threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of collapse. With the 3rd World At War map pack being released today, it may sound odd that Activision has already revealed that for Modern Warfare 2, coming out Nov. 10 on PS3/X360 and PC, it plans to only release two additional DLCs post-launch."

Mulitplayer Info & Vids Inbound!

Hey readers, FourZeroTwo (Robert Bowling) has been very busy on the Modern Warfare 2 IW Forums of late. First up he tells us how gaming magazines are going to be revealing the Special Ops (MW2 co-op) mode in their next issues. Also how another Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer video is very close to being released.

"The long lead press I've been doing the past week (print magazines) was mostly focused on Special Ops. Explaining how it works, going in depth on just how big it is. So you should be seeing that press hitting towards the end of this month, start of next month.

Then it's Multiplayers big time to shine in the press. Even before that though, we'll be releasing some more multiplayer videos to tide you over until the big MP press time.

I had hoped to do another MP video by now, but our video crew got side tracked with some in-game stuff that took priority though."


"DLC is not developed until after the full game is polished, finished, and released. Therefore, there is no way to include it in the main game because it doesn't exist. We have two years for our development cycle, in that two years we complete the main game (single player, spec ops, multiplayer).

Once we've finished and shipped the finished game off for certification and disc printing. While we're waiting for the game to be printed on discs and go to stores, then we sit down and start thinking about what we'd like to do for DLC. We've agreed to at least Two map packs already, but we won't start development on them or thinking about whats included in them until AFTER we've finished the game. We've just agreed to do them.

We would never purposely hold anything back just so we can release it as DLC. I think we've proved that with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The fact we only did 1 map pack because we felt it was important that Modern Warfare 2 got two full years of development and therefore as many maps as possible at LAUNCH."

New Multiplayer Video Out Next Week!

Hey readers exciting news today as Modern Warfare 2 C. Manager Robert Bowling Twittered saying how the next Multiplayer trailer is about to be released.

Therefore a new perk will be shown which a lot of us have suggested, interesting. Some of the most requested perks so far in the forums have been a radar decoy, ability to call in a supply drop and a map wide smoke screen. Please let us know in the comments section below which perk you think and hope it will be.


Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2 will be released for Wii and DS to
Down there is the finished and confirmed box art.


@Warlock_23, agree with that :D Awesome.

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Sounds promising :).

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