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We announce the time of release for the full version, and announce that the demo for Alone will be uploaded VERY soon!

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After about a year of production, we are pleased to announce that the full version of the mod will be released mid to late summer this year. Not only that, but later this week (spring break), we will be releasing a demo for Alone. The demo will be chapter two of the mod in it's entirety (excluding the boss fight and a couple cutscenes, so as to avoid spoilers). The demo will feature almost all of the features of the full version (custom models, original voice acting, and remapped versions of Saxon avenue and the Stockholm subway system, etc.), although it will not feature the brand new environment that has to do with our vision of Simon's backstory. Stay tuned for further updates, and look forward to the demo later this week! EDIT (MARCH 29TH, 2015): Due to a bug with Valve Hammer Editor that prevented us from performing the last minute details, we were, unfortunately, not able to upload the demo this week. However, we have fixed the bug and are continuing with the final touches on the demo. Rest assured, the demo will be released sometime within the next couple of weeks, as we have decided to take a bit of extra time to really polish the demo and make it look as good as possible. To keep you entertained until then, we will upload in-game screenshots at certain intervals in the time leading up to the release. We thank you very much for your support.

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