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Soul Reaper will be featured on Square Enix Collective on July 17th! Help support our team by voting “yes” on July 17th. It takes 2 minutes, costs nothing and helps with the success of the game afterwards!

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The feature will be from July 17th to August 14th

graf wrote: Help me support myself and my team by voting “yes” on July 17th. It takes 2 minutes, costs nothing and almost ensures the success of the game afterwards!

What does that mean?

Everything to me personally. I’ve been working on and off on Soul Reaper for about 2 years during my spare time (if you consider 20–30 hours per week spare time!). When Soul Reaper was awarded a grant from the Ontario Media Development Corporation, I was able to hire very talented artists to make the project way more visually appealing, but there wasn’t enough money to pay myself.

If you read my previous post, you know I recently quit my job and started focusing on Soul Reaper full-time. Bold move considering I’m not making ANY money anymore. But I knew there was something to this project and was willing to give it my all for people, who like me, just can’t wait to have another great old-school style role-playing game to play, but on newer generations of consoles.

What’s the big deal?

Getting featured by Square Enix Collective means TONS of exposure (like millions of potential players!). This is very valuable helping for our Kickstarter campaign after if Soul Reaper is popular enough on their platform.

Just to put this in perspective: 100s of studios around the world send their pitch every month to get one of the coveted 4 spots per month! Which means we’re at least in their top 4% for this month. It’s a great honour and humbling experience; some of the games they feature are quite incredible and the teams behind them are usually larger than Power Level Studios. Being judged on the same level as them is as scary as it is exciting. I knew we were into something from day 1, but seeing my favourite company in the world agree with me is just an incredible feeling!

How important is it?

Our current optimal projected plan at Power Level Studios is as follows:

  1. Get featured by Square Enix Collective — Check
  2. Have a successful Kickstarter campaign
  3. Obtain a second round of funding through Ontario Media Development Corporation for going into production (
  4. Obtain the CMF Commercial Projects fund (

All these steps are required for us to finally make a living making this incredible game. If step 2 fails, then there’s no step 3 or 4.

Hitting all 4 points means we make an incredible game for gamers all around the world. And we get paid to do it!

How can I help?

Glad you asked!

In order for Soul Reaper to be popular on Square Enix Collective, I need people to vote “yes” that they would support the game. To be worth their effort to support us, we’re aiming to have over 85% support. IT’S INCREDIBLY AMBITIOUS! Less than 35% of the projects reach that, even though they look incredible!

Voting will start on July 17th You will need an account to vote. You can create one using Facebook or by using email or Steam. It’s a 2 minute process to vote and it’s free. IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME AND MY TEAM if you could take these 2 minutes to make the project successful.

As a bonus, we’ll send you a free “thank you” wallpaper that you can put on your desktop or on your cellphone!

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