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So this post is explaining our latest update for PR (v0.0.17) and some informations about new site. Read full article to see detailed info.

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So first i will say something about new site. Our old site was hosted on 000webhost(dot)com, but they suspended my account there, so i lost all data (database, all theme changes, plugins, html pages, images.. everything). But i do not lost our landing page, so it is on new site too :) So in last few days i was working on new site, and now it is finnally live. We moved hosts, so i hope they won´t shutdown us again. We are using MyBB again for site and premium theme from themefreak(dot)net called Moderlo. But becouse entire MySQL database was lost, site is a bit empty now. But feel free to register and post something on forums (atleast in Introductions board) to give us better stats :). I am still working on site design now, so maybe it can change a bit in future.
New site address is:

We also reached little milestone: 50 likes on our Facebook page and 300 players registered in-game.
If you wanna help us, then like our Facebook page too:

Ok now i will say something about PR update. I fixed many bugs reported by our players, but maybe there is more hidden ones, so feel free to post them on our site or here. I added more options to options screen (what can be opened with ESC key). And we have new main menu! Now with moving pigeons :D See screenshot below:

New main menu

Here is (as usual) changelog for latest update:

Legend: + = added; - = removed; * = bugfix; # = misc

v0.0.16--> v0.0.17
+ New main menu
+ New updater image
+ Map Events graphics
+ Change event graphic command to Event Editor
+ Volume to options
+ FPS cap to options
+ 8 new zombie sprites
* Lag when walking into/out of house
* Resource damage message
* On touch events
* Shadows for players/NPCs in night
# Scaled down wings
# Increased MAX_LEVEL
# Increased MAX_EVENTS
# Optimized Day/Night checks
# Many checks for missing directories
# Edited Prospekt .EXE company name
# Revamped event opening/closing


Hey! I love this game, but i tried to install it, i failed, and i stopped trying haha.
I'm going again to do it :D

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