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Hey Guys, it’s explanation time.

This is a massive piece of news and I would appreciate it if you read it all if you wish to know about the future of the game. This will be split into many parts, the current state of the game, mystery mode, where’s the update and also the future of Pule.

The Current State Of The Game:

Buggy is the simple explanation, mismatched is another possible description. Well from my point of view Pule is a very ‘beta’ game. I finished coding and production one day before release back in March and this put all update content behind schedule. I had all of Pules content planned from roughly December and required me to hit deadlines, a lot. Golden Dreams hit its deadline perfectly however Portal Of Mystery was delayed by 2-3 months. Therefore, a lot of quality and also content was cut from this update. There were supposed to be so many animations and much more that I will talk about later. Because of this delay I scrapped an entire update, I don’t want to spoil the content as it may still come but it was a more streamlined feature. This was cut and was due to be out when Portal Of Mystery released. So that brings me to today, with very minimal progress made on the fourth update for Pule. The game is buggy, very messy and just a rush. I originally made Pule way back in 2015 as an Alpha however switched to developing the version you are playing today, which is, I hate to say, not even the beta quality I wanted. I love the launcher don’t get me wrong and that is the only good thing I am happy with at the moment.

Mystery Mode:

Shifting back to Mystery Mode, this is a very bad feature and I strayed a little too far from what Pule is, a scrolling game – it’s not an RPG and considering the next update, it was going to be the biggest part of the game. This is why I have made the decision to cut it from Pule. This isn’t going to be the only big change however I will rework Mystery Mode into something a little closer to what Pule is designed to be, a fun, challenging scroller. The whole mode is just unfinished and is so buggy that I can’t even begin to work my way through the code to find where the bugs are. I cut so much from the mode, special cutscenes when you open a portal, a bigger map, and so much more and I don’t think I should continue working on the next update if I am only going to be adding to this mess.

Where Is The Update:

The next update was going to bring the Mysteryverse to life, you were going to take part in King Mystery’s Mystery Challenges, be challenged by those living in Mysteryville, be greeted by a certain dodgy dealer however this wasn’t heading in the right direction. I am running out of time to develop Pule as I am heading into a very busy, and important time of my life so for that reason development on Pule as it is now, has stopped.

What’s Next:

Well once this patch of my life has passed I will be completely re-designing Pule. I have been assisted by a concept artist who is very keen to work on the game so he can give me second opinions on Pule, which I am very happy with. We sat down and had a meeting to discuss all the major flaws in Pule and how to improve them, the list of changes follows: new start up, new menu system, reset data option, fix sound bugs, new shopping system, character menu (Including a character level system), better levels and level selection, tutorial/tooltips, update graphics, new trophy system, update the information log, better enemies, stars replaced by code fragments, remove variants and replace with more characters, better endless mode and a whole game-wide code rewrite. Not to mention the awful font bug and the cheap animations that are currently in the game. So today I present the Pule - Total Reboot Update. This time however, each month, following January, I will be releasing a Pule Development Podcast to discuss the changes made to the game that month, development will be slow for a couple of months but following June it will speed right up again and hopefully I can begin to look forward to releasing this killer update. I am planning for next December, a long time I know, but I am completely making Pule good again. Don’t worry, all your levels will be refreshed with a new system and more levels all together but Pule will remain the same game, just given a lick of paint. Modelling is already underway in my spare time and the four brand new characters are amazing and unique in their own ways! Oh, I got so carried away I forgot to mention that I have rewritten the Pule theme, don’t worry it is still recognisable as the Pule theme it just has extra pow now.

Thank you for reading this update on until this update releases late next year or 2019 you can still play and download the current 1.3 version of Pule. No bug fixes or character balancing will be made due to all my focus being on this update – enjoy mystery mode whiles you still can and keep your eyes peeled for more news on this amazing update.

Thanks, 😊

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