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Lately, we have been joined by a musician, and that lead to a beginning of a new dev group.

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No more will this be my personal game to make. I now have a comrade to share it with.

Greet Matthew Dunn, the soundtrack composer of Kings & Heroes. Matt voluntarily sent a message to me, saying he was interested and wanted to be a part of this project. (Examples of his music can be found from the link below.) I gave him a wishlist of what kind of tracks I want, and now I'm waiting for the magic to happen, and at the same time I continue making the game.

I recently discovered a powerful yet simple quest log for the game engine, and quickly implemented it. Now, the game will feature a full-fledged quest journal with custom categories and other cool stuff. My time has pretty much gone to the implementation, but I still was able to squeeze some time to continue the game itself.

Also, I'm now officially announcing the job spots for Ace Studios. Of course, as an indie studio, we can't really compensate your work with money, so think twice before getting all greedy. We make games for love.

So, here are the temporary jobs for Ace Studios:

2D Artist

Monster Artist

Even though this game will be made from the vanilla materials of RPG Maker VX Ace, there are simply too few enemy textures to fit for the scale of the game. We're looking for people with imagination, and those who can put that into a picture.

Face Artist

This was already announced on the Jobs section, but let's put it here as well. PRGMVXA has a wonderful tool for creating character and character face sprites, but they are just lacking the emotion needed for this game. We need people who can make their own vision of a character's face and draw a whole faceset of all primary emotions from that.

And lastly, the most weird yet the easiest job...


You heard right. I want your personality.
Do you consider yourself an interesting person? If you do, apply for this job and you may become one of the game's many character's. You will decide what to say to the hero when he, for example, asks you a question. You don't need any visible skills, just think what YOU would say to that person.

That's pretty much it for now. I told you these were big news!
Stay tuned until next time!

Ace Studios

Matt's SoundCloud:

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