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Testers in this stage are GOLD ! Thanks to them I got awesome feedback what should be and what shouldn't be in game , below you can see log what improvements were made .

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- Player camera :

Now player can move camera up and down by holding right click and moving in direction he wants to see .

Camera now don't have delay and moves perfectly in moment .

Layers checks ! If something is in front of camera , don't worry camera will zoom and follow player model .

- Player controller :

New controller and it's not based on unity character motor (standard controller) it's now based on rigidbody physics .

Players collision is now better you can push your friends from flying islands to certain death !

Movement is now accurate !

- Rigidbody sync :

-Character controller is using rigidbody physics and player movement is perfectly sync now !

- If rigidbody is moved second player who entered will see rigidbody on place .

- All players see precise rigidobody position .

-Triggers and teleport points :

-Because game is meant for teamplay now you have teleport points ! If only one player from team reached teleport point all players will be spawned there .

-Triggers for traps added ! In world of mimimis we added lot of traps that are controlled by triggers don't be too fast because that can be your end .

-Voxel environment

-Also new environments are implemented ! Check out video :


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