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Brief blog detailing two assets we're revealing for our upcoming, unannounced game.

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Hello Bloggers, and welcome back! This week, I’ve got an
exclusive photo of none other than the latest security technology that will be
on board. Because what modern game setting would be complete without a little
spying on everyday citizens? After all, any of us could be criminals just
waiting to strike…right?

This week, we have two different “security” cameras that
will be placed throughout the setting of the game. One of them has giant bullhorns
on it, used for transmitting messages to passengers. Of course, these are for
the player’s own protection. They can be used to send messages to about danger,
and to announce when the big events on board are coming up! It’s really best if
you can always hear the command center. They certainly haven’t been equipped
with the ability to send out dangerous sonic waves. Both cameras can be viewed on our site, here:

The second kind is just your standard visual camera. Command
can, of course, see everything with these. They can swivel and move, and track
people as they are moving through the halls, rooms, etc.

This, of course, is all there for the players’ protection.
Nothing else.

But I would keep in mind, to all you criminals in the making
out there…Big Brother is Watching.

We are still looking for an animator, and don't forget to
like our facebook page Revelations Studios, and follow ourr twitter @n_stav13
for weekly updates!

Signing off, Keri Irace PR Manager

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