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The release of a public concept tech demo, for demonstration purposes only!

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This is a tech demo, not the final product!

Finally, after months of errors, problems and engine hiccups the tech demo is here. Now, keep this in mind, it isint finished. So if you have any issues to report, report them to

Right, so. Here are just a few things taken from the build notes i have that are important to know before you actually play this tech demo

Things that are currently broken and don't work!

+ All buttons and options in the settings are completely broken!
every and all changes to the game graphically or control wise will
have to be set within the game launcher. If you select an option
within the ingame settings, the game will most likely softlock.

+Lighting has an annoying color banding issue thats caused due to
compressed lightmaps, will be fixed in the future

+A Certain area will have a misplaced exit, so the game will not continue
and will display an error message, this will also be fixed in future builds

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