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New version is finally ready to play ! Make sure you clear out all old BICE files and are using podcat's TFH exe !

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New features and changes. ~ New Weather effects. Different times of the year in different regions will see added weather effects in place. This can be Mud effects, snow effects or monsoon floods. Each level of these effects add an added defensive bonus to that province.
Attacking in heavy mud or deep snow is very difficult. Its not a good idea to conduct an amphibious invasion during the Monsoon either.
At the same time its much easier to consolidate and hold ground during winter. Of course normal game mechanics still apply so supply can be an added issue. ~ Unique Counters for Capital ships. All the starting OOB capital ships + some event granted capital ships now have unique counters. The Bismarck and HMS Hood now have their own fleet counters and their stats can be customised to a extent. There is also individual ship loss events for each ship. When the USS Yorktown is lost there will be a short period where the USN suffers an org loss. Sink enough enemy capital ships and the enemy fleet can be badly disorganised. At the same time these ships have better strength and can absorb more damage so a harder to sink. Get to know your capital ships individually and base fleets around ~ The Germans also have unique counters for the more famous u boat flotillas. ~ More unique counters added for all six US Marine divisions, 32nd US infantry division, German SA militia, more Panzer units , 1st Gebirgsjaeger division, and Japanese Kwantung Army infantry. ~ New event chains for the London Naval Treaty, Operation Pastorious, Felderrnhalle Division, Anti Comintern Pact, Chinese Collaborators for Japan and more. ~ Added options to difficult settings for no extra combat decision/ event modifers, and no scripted invasions. You can now choose to have virtually no added modifiers affecting the player or AI. Disclaimer...very little playtesting has been done in terms of game balance here. ~ armor and infantry techs reworked. Units upgrade from a single tech which requires 4 main techs to be researched. It makes tech rushing more difficult and event OOBs more useful. ~ New Black ICE launcher thanks to Hadadad - solves the save game compression error problems. ~ extensive rework of land units stats balance. Including a reduction in late war build times. ~ Jet aircraft and CAGs rebalanced to be more effective. ~ Atomic bombs are now more viable for late war construction. ~ German leader pack added thanks to TheDWorm ~ Gross Deutschland and unique U-boat emblem counters thanks to Sam ~ New generic counters added thanks to HarleQuin ~ economic rework. Less overall IC, oil, rares are more expensive and supplies cheaper to trade. ~ Cost of naval ships increased substantially. Building capital ships is now much more costlier.


Looks great, downloading now.

Any idea on when an earlier start date will be implemented?

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No idea at this stage. It is a lot of work to cover all the ahistorical pathways for Germany alone.

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