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BF40K team needs new developers to finish BF40K:BF2142.

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It has been a decade since my last new post.

Ace1918 would like to start a new BF40K team to restart development of the BF40K:BF2142 mod.

Another video is here by Asmogan which shows the bugs in BF40K:BF2 V0.98 Alpha with bots for which the mod was not tested for as it was only tested for multiplayer.

I will likely be releasing soon the BF40K:BF2 0.98 Final Alpha as shown in this video to gather public interest as I have this week been kindly given consent from the 3 sound engineers Dimitrs Plagiannis, StringedEvil and Herziel who objected a decade ago preventing release.

BF40K:BF2 V0.98 Alpha was tested for multiplayer only. In the video Ace managed to get it working with bots. Inaith worked with PR to set up the kit system which was in line with the codexes for troop types. Note if you run the mod, unless you join a squad you are stuck with only 1 soldier class to select. The more people in the squad the more special/heavy weapons you can have. Squad leaders have their own unique weapons depending on class too. With the demise of the BF40K website and its forums, all the bug reports have been lost.

Please note there is a bayonette animation from Forgotten Hope 2 in the build (referred to as the floating bayonette in the 2nd vid). I have previously apologised to the FH2 team a decade ago. Inaith added it in the final build without informing the rest of the bf40k team. At the time I was not going to release the mod due to this. FH2 kindly gave their permission.

BF40K:BF2 will require new coders and those with python experience for the kit request system. Inaith has other responsibilities now and does not have time to develop for it now. Due to the features of BF2142 it would be wiser to concentrate all development into that engine.

BF40K:BF2142 is to restart development as it is better suited to what we need feature wise:

  • Walker support (SM Dreadnought, IG Sentinel, Tau Battlesuits)
  • AI Drones (which we also previously used in this edition for Tarantula automated Heavy Bolter base defence and Tau Drones, the gun drone followed the squad leader)
  • Locational vehicle damage (Bunnysnot made it possible to destroy the burst cannon turrets on the Tau Hammerhead for example)
  • Hover vehicle support
  • Cable rigging (Used on the Kasrkin to link the Hellgun and HellPistol to the backpack)
  • Cloaking (used by tau XV15/25 Stealths).
  • Drop pods (Potential use for space marines deployment)
  • Weapons causing stun effects via blurred vision (needed for tau stun grenades)

Bunnysnot the lead coder has expressed interest in getting it going again and is working on putting together a new dev pc.

Secondary Project Recovering complete and incomplete models from old BF40K:BF1942 builds for redevelopment into BF40K:BF2142.

There is an extra project for a volunteer to take up to recover finished and incomplete models from the old bf1942 builds pre public release and publically released.

Space Marine Landspeeder, Bikes, Vindicator, Thunderhawk Gunship, Land Raider Crusader, Razorback, Imperial Guard Armageddon Pattern Basilisk, Baneblade, Hellhound. Chaos Space Marines & etc

It would be great to get this back off the ground.

BF40K Lionheart


Welcome back, and it's a huge surprise to see this mod being alive! I never thought, that there will even be an update for a 40k Mod for the Battlefield series.

Also, good luck, and I hope, that you will manage to release it, this time!

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bf40kadmin Author

Thank you Marek. I hope we are able to reform a team.

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This is awesome news! I had this mod in my head for all those years and would never expect it being picked up again. Good luck!

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I need to know how to make tanks ill help for free

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bf40kadmin Author

You need 3dsmax or Maya to make models for BF2/2142 (They use the same specification), for texturing you can get away with GNU Image Manipulation Program otherwise photoshop is recommended.

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Ah wow this is great to see an update after so many years! I revived Battlefield:Korea with my team and released it in 2016 after it was killed off before ever seeing any public release.

Now I am working on recreating and expanding Battlefield 1942 in HD in the BF2 engine with my mod called Battlefield 1944. Trying to be everything Battlefield V should have been.

Anyways, while I can not really offer much support since still have to get 1944 released, and will work on updating BFK to 2.0 afterwards, I can give my moral support and hope to see you guys get this out. Wow a decade, I really know exactly how that must feel haha. I almost want to recommend 2142 instead of BF2.

I say, work on what you have and polish it up, then get the BF2 version out. Then, move on over to 2142 and give that game the epic mod it deserves. So much in that game is better suited for this mod, and you know it. ;)

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bf40kadmin Author

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the support, and I wish you the best with your HD conversion.

The team has shrunk significantly to 2 devs. Myself and Bunnysnot/Adam.

Inaith who was our former BF2 edition coder no longer has the time to develop.
He used a lot of python in the bf2 builds.

We are just aiming to get our plethora of existing art assets into the game and get it out there.

Its better just to concentrate on 1 version of the build. In addition there are a lot of features uniue to BF2142 we need for the mod such as walker support, active camoflage & etc.

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