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Battlefield 40K BF2 ceasing all future development. All development is being focused on Battlefield 40K BF2142.

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Dear all,

BF40K-BF2 is ceasing all future development.

All effort is being concentrated into finishing BF40K-BF2142 with the small team that we have.

If anyone wants to step forward to continue it you will need knowledge of BF2 tools and Python.

BF40K-BF2 uses derived Project Reality Kit system python code which gives access to kits unique to the class you are, and also factors in if you are a squad leader.

All work is only continuing on BF40K-BF2142.

I am planning to release the final BF40K-BF2 Alpha 0.98 for the community to play with soon.

The mod build being an alpha build is full of bugs. In the recent videos by Ace and Asmogen they tested the mod with bots for which the mod was never intended to work with.

The mod was designed for multiplayer only.

I am working out some simple text files that accredit the former team and some disclaimers.

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