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Well I have worked hard past days on the new version. I started again from scratch as I promised and made loads of improvements. If you think the AI was already too hard for you. Wel read this then.

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Well I started from scratch. And I worked little different. I have read some guides of previous BF series and learnt something from those. Well the AI has been approached differently. Still they won't take vehicles as humans. But they do enter vehicles.

Well I also removed the gun spread or at least some of it. I kept the gunspread of all shotguns at default. Meanwhile I was reducing Deviation time (The time at which bots start to shoot more accurate) I noticed that most of the time their first trigger was a hit. (Not an instant kill) I also increased the recoil as some of the mod watchers please. The bots don't seem to suffer from the recoil at all. But you as a player badly suffer from the recoil. This results in careful tactical movement. And seriously I am not kidding. Here is some of the

aiSettings.setBotSkill 1.0

If you put this difficulty level you will even not get a chance to kill an enemy. They get you before you get them. Even if you saw them first. Don't underestimate this level of difficulty like you did before. I ended up with 0 kills and 10 deaths in a urban map. I say City of the Dead.

Anyway they still appear to move dumb. But their shooting skills are way improved. I also increased their hearing probability and range. for moving soldiers very slightly. It barely made difference.

If you have some working BF2 Singleplayer maps please give me a link so I can include them in the mod. Credits will be given to the author and the person who provided me the map (sent the link to me)

You can give me a bad rating but at least tell me what or where to improve my mod. All I want is to give everybody the best of BF2 which EA couldn't give us.

Expect the release this week. Please come and visit every day.
If you thinmk you can contribute something, PM me.

Jonas Hendrickx, the founder of BF2 SP 128 Professional AI


Very cool mod this makes battlefield 2 for people who play singleplayer a much better realistic experiance

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