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BF2 Remaster Sound Patch Addon: A complete overhaul of Battlefront II's sound effects with a focus on movie accuracy, high quality, and consistency with other Star Wars media.

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Hope you enjoy this new addon while we continue to work on improving the game models!

BF2 Sound Remaster v1 has been released ► DOWNLOAD LINK

New sound effects with a focus on movie accuracy, high quality, and consistency with other Star Wars media. A complete and thorough sound overhaul like you've never seen (or heard) before for BF2. Big props go to the co-author of the mod Sceptius for helping me out with this extensive mod project.

There's also an extended readme available in my new gaming blog which I recently started with a few friends, both modders and Star Wars Mods enthusiasts. The blog is focused on SW Games news, SW mods and classic SWBF2 modding.

The premise was to replace as many sounds as I could with movie accurate sounds or sounds that seem fitting with the movies sound design for each Era. I even recorded and cleaned up sounds from the movies such as the new lightsaber sounds mostly taken from Dooku vs Anakin and Obi Wan AoTC scene, or "Utini" Jawa Chatter from ANH.

For the weapons that were not shown in the movies we took inspiration from various classic games like The Clone Wars, Bounty Hunter, Empire at War, Jedi Knight series (Academy / Outcast. If you are wondering how it all sounds before you install here's two demo videos I recorded/streamed days before releasing this:


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why wont this work

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Love the sounds, but on some maps it didn't work for me, for example, on Endor the only sounds I heard were the background music and any voices. Otherwise, this is a big improvement.

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