Post news RSS Beyond the Throne v3.9.6.8

There are many detail fixes as well as a fix for the Ogre Magi model being broken. I have also included a new terrain (4) Frozen Void, and a revised older terrain (2) Severed Isles.

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Beyond the Throne v3.9.6.8


Balance Changes:


-Halt range reduced from 900 to 800
-Hammer of Thor replaced by target cast Dalaran Shield
-Mana Fog replaced with Magic Defense
-Afterburn no longer damages friendly units

-Attack upgrade for Naga beast units now provides a chance to deal extra damage per hit
-Hauler armor type changed to Medium
-Coral Blades is now an attack speed bonus of 10%/10%/10%
-Added third Naga hero: Nullifier

-Mobile shop item list adjusted, creep drops adjusted
-Increased spell damage of Pandaren Brewmaster abilities
-Neutral hero sight range reduced to match racial heroes
-Heavy organic air unit attack damage buffed
-Spell Breaker added to Mercenary Camp


-Cluster Rockets upgrade description fixed

-Strike now requires the War Forge instead of the War Mill
-Ogre Magi model path restored
-Onslaught now fires

-Altar of Overseers now has standard altar pathing map
-Blight Aura buff no longer shows on heroes
-Anti-Magic Shell upgrade description fixed
-Fixed Blight Aura

-Fixed Pandaren Brewmaster hotkeys


-Savant Mage renamed to Savant Guardian
-Marksmanship now shows as a green +3 on the unit
-Rocket Bomb description changed, tooltip now changes after upgrade

-Removed double birth effect from Altar of Overseers

-Upgrade descriptions now tell vital statistics
-Added an item cleanup script
-The Move command now says "Move" again.
-New terrain: (4) Frozen Void
-Revised terrain: (2) Severed Isles

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