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This update greatly alters the Human tech tree, refines Naga units, deals with hero balance, and much more.

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Beyond the Throne v3.9.6.7


Balance Changes:

-Mumbo Priest replaced with Warlock
-Ascension replaced with Outburst
-Flaming Grog removed, standard attack now causes area damage
-Clan Allegiance removed
-Scattershot replaced with Storm Generator
-Pulverizer has Mass Shot
-Rune Duration increased from 45 to 60, mana cost increased from 200 to 250
-Bloodlust mana cost increased from 100 to 125
-Hibernation mana cost increased from 75 to 100
-Ogre Magi mana maximum decreased from 400 to 300
-Warlock mana maximum reduced from 450 to 350
-Obliterate damage increased from 30/65/100 to 60/125/250
-Clear Cut damage increased from 75/150/225 to 125/250/325
-Healing Spray damage healed increased from 30/45/60 to 50/65/80
-Incendiary Bomber damage increased from 20 to 45
-Assassinate damage increased from 120/240/360 to 150/300/450
-Combust is now a remotely triggered ward

-Animal War Training removed
-Monastery merged into Barracks
-Replenish Mana and Life moved to Field Generator
-Blacksmith and Lumber Mill merged into Academy
-Shock and Awe removed
-Engineer removed
-Resistant Armor repplaced with Legion
-Siege Engine now has Barrage by default, new upgrade: Pulse Cannon
-Cluster Rockets is now a tier 3 upgrade
-Rocket Bomb (Rocket Strike) can now be upgraded to level 2
-Removed Foundry
-Human sea units no longer have armor upgrades, Battleship has Robust Cannon upgrade
-Field Generator now has Replenish Life and Mana, a magic attack, increased gold cost, and requires a Mage Sanctum
-Ale Screen Removed
-Savant Mage mana maximum mana reduced from 460 to 400
-Cannon Assault AoE increased from 150 (melee range) to 250
-Rocket Speheres now deals siege damage
-Replicate now creates one drone at all three levels, drone attack damage increased from 13/17/21 to
-Critical Sector ranged damage bonus oncreased from 25% to 40%
-Bind damage increased from 100/225/375 to 225/350/500
-Comradeship damage buff increased from 6-18/10-25/15-33 to 10-22/15-30/20-38
-Omega Bursts replaced with Gravity Well
-Resurrection man cost raised from 200 to 300 and dead revived raised from 6 to 12
-Hopper movement speed reduced by 20%

-Removed Consume from Scourge
-Ravager movement speed over land reduced, now has movement bonus over water
-Executioner reworked
-Torn Sky removed
-Metasis mana cost increased from 110 to 250
-Mince mana cost increased from 90 to 150
-Burning Barrier damage increased from 10/20/30 to 25/50/75
-Devastate AoE range increased by 60%
-Secretion damage increased from 60/90/120 to 60/120/240, duration set to 30 seconds at all levels
-Derelict lumber cost increased from 180 to 250

-Volatile Blood no longer damages Reavers
-Incursor gold cost reduced from 225 to 125, mana bank removed
-Murky Gaze area of effect reduced, cooldown increased from 35 to 60 seconds
-Spawning Grounds lumber cost reduced from 125 to 60
-Naga hall food production increased from 10 to 16
-Urchin Turtle now requires 8 transport slots
-Dark Fold removed
-Harbinger now a fortified siege unit
-Myrmidon mana maximum reduced from 450 to 350
-Summon Reef Elemental replaced with Watery Wrath
-Urchin Turtle now has Normal damage type, movement speed reduced by 50%, has Escort
-Hydralings now have small armor, and magic attack
-Hydra has magic attack
-Draken now has Slow Poison as a standard attack, Barbed Tail removed, mana maximum increased from 100 to 125
-Breach is now a research and Calcify is available by default
-Submerged removed from Naga units - Deemed too powerful in combination with Eternal Well and amphibious movement

-Gryphon Rider/Dragon/Stygian Monarch/Couatl attack type changed from Magic to Normal
-Towers require Buildable condition
-Swindler reworked into Coinbaron
-Experimental units reworked into standard units
-AI smart casting improved
-Decoy reworked to create stronger fake units
-Hit Point bonus per strength point increased from 25 to 50, defense bonus increased from .3 to .6


-Fixed bug where devoured units triggered afterburn
-Orc AI works
-Gash tooltip fixed

-Bind target buff effect location fixed
-Revival tooltip fixed
-Footman birth sound range fixed

-Fury duration now works correctly
-Blight Aura buff displays correctly

-Pressure Chamber no longer mentions Wind Serpent

-Creep abilities should now conform to the QWER/ASDF/ZXCV pattern
-Fixed Greed Vault text display


-Naga building ground textures changed to Night Elf

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