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This is an update primarily refining the Naga. Keep an eye out in the coming days for a special contest announcement.

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Balance Cnages:

-Mumbo Priest hit points reduced to 1200 to 900
-Warlock replaced with a permanent transformation spell on the Mumbo Priest
-Fade Step replaced with Assassinate
-Blades of Durotar mana increased from 110 to 150
-Evasion now causes passive permanent invisibility
-Abduct mana reduced from 140 to 100

-Conceal mana cost increased to 125 from 100
-Removed Bulwark
-Battleship range increased from 750 to 850

-Poison Bite and Barbed Tail now require a Resevoir Vault
-Wind Serpent removed
-Myrmidons, Incursors, and Drakens no longer move when submerged. This is a balance consideration to offset the regernation and movement bonus Naga units have in water.
-Parasite replaced by Desiccate
-Couatl's no longer benefit from Sharpened Claws
-Incursors can now be upgraded with Shell Bash
-Sea Witch and Tempered Guard now cost 5 food
-Coral Bed replaced with Coral Guardian
-Devour Mana replaced by Illusory Wail
-Urchin Turtle now has Kraken Call

-All heroes have increased armor via a base armor of Strength (7), Agility (5), Intelligence (4)


-Naga bounty rewards fixed


-Grapple renamed Abduct
-Winds of Durotar renamed Blades of Durotar

-Battlecarrier renamed Battleship

-Incursor model now allows shading
-Draken missile model changed
-Chilling Silence renamed to Chilling Wail
-Siren has new skin/icon

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