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Lost are becoming the aggressive foe they were meant to be. You can look forward to terrain improvements if I find the time.

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Balance Changes:
-Reduced Hex duration from 7 to 4 seconds, reduced area of effect from 300 to 200
-Warlock now has War Call (replaces Blood Boil), and Chain Heal

-Retribution Wagon now has a small magic attack, and Metal armor
-Rapid Chambering gold cost increased from 150 to 300
-Overwhelm replaced with Pious Hand

-Blight Growth is now AOE cast, area reduced from 512 to 256, cooldown reduced from 25 to 15 seconds
-Dimentional Eye replaced with Predictive Eye
-Incursus HP decreased from 950 to 475, model scale reduced
-Crux and Terminus combined into Terminus Crux to fit more with the aggressive playstyle
-Lost no longer have Mana Barrier
-Crimson monarch has new model/icon no longer has Vile Cocoon, renamed Stygian Monarch
-Siphon Matrix replaced with Dark Ward
-Cede now only requires a Sieve
-Cede reworked to be a sacrifice based ability
-Oppressor can be upgraded with Incinerate


-Last Stand tooltip fixed

-Footman has new model more fitting to WC3
-Replicate Drones now follow correctly when a Elite Rifleman is in a Hopper

-Well of Sorrow correclty increases the level of Impale
-Corruption has new icon
-Anguish now correclty increase upgrade cost per level, has three levels, includes Shambler
-Monolith has standard pathing
-Palette no longer allows food limit to be ignored
-Removed Iron Centurion
-Remnant removed
-Warrior custom model/icons removed
-Elementalist added at Mercenary Shop

-Numerous trigger optimizations
-Altars returned to default location in build que

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