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I've been working on new terrain and refining certain game aspects. You'll find targeting for Cannon Fodder, and movement for submerged Submarines much more precise. I am working on a new type of AI that will prove far more dynamic.

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Balance Changes:

-Cannon Fodder cast restrictions revised to me more precise, removed Last Stand Ward
-Battle Guide collision size reduced
-Transport can no longer hold other vessels

-Critical Sector range reduced from 340 to 325

-Dispense replaced with Eradicate
-Guardians replaced with Mana Rot on Adjutant
-Dimensional eye adjusted to a 25 second duration, damage set to 1/2 HP per second, fixed tooltip
-Forerunner mana cost reduced from 185/145/105 to 145/125/105
-Incursus HP reduced from 1200 to 950
-Leech name changed to Desecrator, scale increased, HP increased from 175 to 250, armor changed to Large, gold cost increased from 95 to 145


-Fixed Spell Shield
-Fixed areas where Submerged Argonauts could escape into shallow water
-Deploted Decimator now costs the same food as undeployed
-Bulwark model decay fixed

-Corrus model now has overhead attachment point, custom missile added
-Fixed missing Forerunner buff model
-Adjutant no lo

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