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Another patch is out further balancing lost and improving AI.

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I have been continuing to improve Lost balance based on play testing. Any constructive feedback is welcome.


Balance Changes:

-Rig and Orc Shipyard merged, now just Rig
-Orc naval upgrades now at War Forge
-Pulverizer primary attack damage increased from 19 to 24, gold cost increased from 315 to 380, move speed reduced from 300 to 280, primary attack area of effect reduced from 225/235/250 to 180/200/220-Pulverizer
-Juggernait damage increased from 28 to 32, move speed reduced from 270 to 240
-Flaming Grog damage reduced from 2 to 1 hit point per second, no longer reduces attack speed
-Inner Strength is available at tier 1
-Transport movement speed reduced from 320 to 280, turn rate reduced from .4 to .2

-Dematerialize no longer targets amphibious units
-Argonaut primary attack damage reduced from 30 to 20, gold cost reduced from 365 to 300, move speed increased from 200 to 225, now has Rapid Chambering upgrade (lowers attack cooldown from 1.7 to 1.2)
-Human multi-level upgrades now start expensive and become cheaper, as well as have 3 levels - This was done to compensate for cheaper units and the racial passive Soul Imitation
-Hopper no longer repairs enemy mechanical units, or mechanical air units, movmement speed reduced from 220 to 160
-Drone bomb replaced with Fire Support
-Demolition Steed replaced with Demolition Team
-Battleship damage increased from 22 to 26, cooldown reduced from 2 to 1.5. hit points increased from 1700 to 1800

-Lost now use food
-Lost Essence now decays 2 hit points per second off of blight, Lost units gain 3 hit points per second on blight
-Lost naval attack upgrade bonus reduced to 3 per level, Pulverizer and Juggernaut have larger AOE on primary attacks
-Leech gold cost increased from 80 to 95, hit points increased to 175, Inferno replaced with Noxium and Burst

-Iron Cyclops replaced with Iron Automaton
-Removed Purifier

-Unit specific upgrades for Rifleman, and Berserker now at their respective Barracks


-Fixed Lumber Harvesting upgrade name
-Fixed Thorium Ranges Weapons Location

-Foundry no longer repairs enemy units
-Crew now works

-Major crash bug with Lost fixed
-Dark Torture replaced temorarily until lag can be fixed

-Juggernaut decoy no longer has an attack

-Cargo Hold no longer accepts other ships
-Tech tree percentages optimized, eliminated a number of triggers
-AI no longer uses Assault

Cosmetic Changes:

-Pillage passive button moved to 1,1, updated descritpion
-Giant Sea Turtle model altered

-Crew has new icon

-Oppressor team color improved, new death effect

-Creep poison attack no longer has the same buff icon as Envenomed Spears

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