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Lost has see some major changes for balance reasons. Namely they no longer have a timed life. Instead organic units decay when off blight. I am also excited about the new Blaster model, and role it plays with the unit's capability.

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Balance Changes:

-Warlock costs 75 lumber
-Dragon gold cost reduced from 780 to 630
-Mumbo Priest gold cost reduced from 615 to 480, lumber cost increased to 90
-Juggernaut hit points increased from 1968 to 2000, gold cost increased from 480 to 510, lumber cost increased from 105 to 205
-Blaster gold cost decreased from 660 to 500, lumber cost increased from 60 to 160, has Forked Lightning, Armor Piercing Shells replaced with Overflow
-Battle Guide lumber cost increased from 270 to 400
-Hex no longer targets creeps above level 5
-Supremacy Aura renamed to Horde Mentality, each Orc organic combat unit has HM, when a unit with HM kills it grants firendly units with HM a 5% bonus to attack damage up to 10 kills
-Old Horde Mentality renamed to Last Stand, now creates a timed life ward (Last Stand Ward) at Cannon Fodder target location that provides the bonus in addition to the Battle Guide providing the bonus.
-Envenomed Spears now displays a buff like other upgrades so enemy players can see what that it has been researched, fixed buff description
-Fade Step costs 50 mana at all levels

-Retribution Wagon lumber cost increased from 75 to 125
-Gryphon Rider gold cost decreased from 780 to 580
-Savant Mage gold cost reduced from 615 to 410, lumber cost increased to 60
-Battleship hit points reduced from 1968 to 1700, gold cost reduced from 480 to 460, lumber cost increased from 105 180
-Steam Engine gold cost decreased from 630 to 520, lumber cost increased from 60 to 140, hit points increased to 1100 from 1050
-Soul imitation is now passive for human organic units, lasts 25 seconds, deals 50% damage, takes 2x damage, 45 second cooldown
-Retribution Wagon has Spell Shield
-Cluster Rockets damage reduced from 17.5 per rocket to 10

-Flutter replaced with Vile Cocoon
-Chain Prison replaced with Extricate
-Quench Life mana cost reduced from 200 to 180
-Uncertain Fate replaced with Slaughter
-Void Aide hit points reduced from 375 to 320
-Lost units now cost gold and lumber with exception to workers, and units summoned from the Derelict
-Lost structure gold cost reduced by 20%
-Lost research gold cost reduced by 10%
-Consumed Gold Mine limber cost reduced from 220 to 120
-Terminus move speed increased from 40 to 80
-Mana Current now affects all friendly units and structures at level 1, and increases the bonus to 2 mana per second at level 2
-Possession replaced with Cede
-Shambler HP reduced to 550 from 600
-Nightmare HP reduced from 875 to 730
-Shadow hit poin ts reduced from 220 to 180
-Fulgor hit points increased from 120 to 180
-Monarch max mana reduced from 300 to 200
-Vile Cocoon has mana cost of 150
-Anguish now requires a Bastion for first upgrade
-Mana Barrier available at tier 1
-Aperture build time reduced from 60 to 40 seconds
-Aperture gold cost reduced from 360 to 280
-Overseer gold cost reduced from 340 to 240
-Sieve gold cost reduced from 310 to 275
-Stygian Bastille gold cost reduced from 320 to 260
-Essence behavior changed. Lost units now decay when off of blight at a large rate. Cruxes reduce that rate, eventually to +.5. 9 Crux's are necessary to max out the regeneration upgrade.
-Aperture gold cost reduced from 280 to 220, lumber cost from 190 to 110
-Tainted Fountain AOE decreased from 400 to 300
-Conduit lumber cost reduced from 300 to 220
-Overseer build time reduced from 70 to 35
-Abyss build time reduced from 80 to 37
-Augmenter replaced with Guardian on Adjutant
-Tainted Eye replaced with Dimensional Eye on Corrus
-Cede now requires Reliquary indead of Monolith
-Shadow/Fulgor mana cost increased to 175 from 75
-Lost organic combat units now have Mana Shield, Lost structures no longer have Mana Shield
-Lost structure maximum mana levels adjusted
-Tranfer mana now targets all units, transfer 10 mana per second, and lasts uuntil deactivated/runs out of mana/target is at full mana
-Derelict no longer requires a Bastion
-Lumber harvested per interval reduced from 7 to 6
-Mechanic's Bane renamed to Weather Bane, damage reduced from 85 to 45, targets all non-structure units
-Void Aide sells Cloak of Shadows
-Horn of Rage no longer increases hit point regeneration

-Iron Enforcer replaced with Iron Cyclops
-Greed Vault is now a third normal hero ability
-Deriviative Wealth is now an ultimate
-Inferno Stone duration reduced from 180 to 80

-Upkeep thresholds increased from 75 and 120 to 95 and 130
-Repair cost and time now correct for all structures
-Easy and Normal AI's added


-Fixed bug with Soul Imitation whereby it could drop the item it uses
-Omega Wave dummy no longer uses 2 food

-Mince hotkey fixed
-Adjutant has new sound set
-Corrected Nightmare description

-Assault no longer includes Consumed Mine Tentacles, or other special units, has a 10 second cooldown

Cosmetic Changes:

-Updated Goblin Shipyard model

-Updated Human Shipyard model
-Updated Monastery model
-Sanctuary Gem displays hot key correctly

-Executioner model scale increased
-Lost birth animation model edited so it no longer shows a gap when placed on hills
-Oppressor has new missile model for non-structures

-Decoy model changed

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