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I'm turning D2R SP experience into what I would like to play with. I played a lot of Enjoy-SP with Plugy in Diablo 2 and my goal is to make something similar in the end. Hope you enjoy it too :)

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Ignore article post date, i update this same file here every time instead :D

Download link:
Download link:

Work in Progress!

Work in Progress!

Afaik mods are not allowed to be used in online play!!
This mod is meant for single player (offline) only!

People updating from older versions, before Mercenary submod was removed (v1.2-without-merc-mod), you need to unequip items from your mercenary and destroy all rings and amulets in any of your storages and character before you are able to play updated version.

Controllers are not currently supported with expanded inventory/stash.
There is an optional file in files download page without Expanded Mod.

Latest update: 06.10.2021
Latest version: Better SP v1.3
D2R version: 1.0.66063

(might break when D2R updates happen, so just in case)


(If you already have previous version, then simply overwrite older version of Karla.mpq)

How to install:
Open your file manager and navigate to your Diablo II Resurrected installation directory, usually located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II Resurrected"
Create a new folder named "mods" in the Diablo II Resurrected installation directory
Create "Karla" folder into the new "mods" folder and place Karla.mpq there
It should look like this:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II Resurrected\mods\Karla\Karla.mpq"
Create a new shortcut for D2R.exe
Right click on the new shortcut, right-click and select properties of the made shortcut, and add Target parameters -mod Karla
Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II Resurrected\D2R.exe" -mod Karla
Start in: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II Resurrected"
Start Diablo II Resurrected using the new shortcut and enjoy :)

Features so far:
Way larger inventory, cube, stash
Increased walk speed (running makes Defence = 0)
Lowered stamina drain
Mana regeneration is increased
Ability to use all skills in towns
Item levels are visible
Runes are numbered (El (1), Eld (2) etc)
New characters start with Horadric Cube
New Necromancers, Amazons and Druids start with a bow and arrows in inventory
Tomes and keys stack limit increased to 50
Arrows/bolts stack limit increased to 500
All throwable weapons have now replenishing quantity
Amazon skills no longer lower ammo quantity
Skill max levels are increased from 20 to 99 (although it is non-fixably capped by [char level - req level + 1] i.e level 6 skills have limit of 99-6+1=94)
Removed experience gain penalty from higher levels
Normal/Flawless gem drops in Nightmare, Perfect gem drops in Hell
Andariel drops are always quest drops
Hell Countess can drop all runes
Increased high rune drop rate
Increased mob density
Increased drop chance for items
Increased chance of Super Healing/Mana Potions dropping instead of their lower variants in Hell
Monster immunity is removed and replaced with simply high resistance towards corresponding damage type
Previously immune unique monsters now instead have hp/damage buffs
Mana Burn monsters are removed and replaced by extra damage
More champion packs and unique monsters in every game area
Increased Hell Act 5 area levels, they now go from 81 to 99
Hell Cow Level increased to area level 99
New cube recipe - Scroll of Town Portal + Socketed Item = Item + Socketables
New cube recipe - Scroll of Town Portal + Scroll of Identify = Token of Absolution
New cube recipe - all gems and runes now require 2 copies for upgrade, higher runes don't require gem for upgrade anymore
New cube recipe - downgrade runes -- 1x Zod -> 1x Cham; 1x Shael -> 1x Sol etc etc
New cube recipe - socket punch with jewels. You should be able to add sockets to any socketable item with [item + x*jewels = item with x sockets]

Planned features:
Something new to do with Essences
Move-only skill
Something similar to Melee Splash mod (not sure yet, how to approach it)
Increasing maximum character level
Plugy-like respeccing of stats/skills
Ability to toggle features in .ini file like was the case with many mods in original D2 (trying to find, if someone has managed to make this functional)

Known issues:
Assassins with speed buffs get too fast (v1.3 has fixed it most probably)
Speed issues with transforms/shapeshifting (v1.3 has fixed it most probably)
Expanded storage submod issues (NoExpanded version players shouldn't have those issues):
Weapon swap only works with hotkey
Clicking on Expansion button during character creation breaks Expanded inventories
Large Font breaks the UI

Karla.mpq is based on Expanded mod (Author: Bonesy) + Basic_QoL mod (Author: Cyhyraethz), with extra additions and alterations.

Special thanks: Median XL and Phrozen Keep modding community, you've helped me a lot :)

Download link:
Download link:



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