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Only 5 years late... But still, better late than never.

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Welcome to the Moddb page for Stargate Races for Rebellion. I stopped actively maintaining the mod at the end of the Diplomacy era of Sins but I have now returned. Only 5 years late... But at least it happened in the end.

So what is the state of the mod now, in the Beta?

  • All game files have been updated and are compatible with Rebellion v1.85+.
  • All five original factions are intact and playable.
  • All five original factions have had research victories and Titans added.
  • All five original factions have had research added to work with the DLC packages.
  • While many of the old (and admittedly bad) original models are still in place, a whole bunch of new versions of some were added. This was primarily in the Ancient and Asgard fleets. Also, Wolf_2.0 of EaW's Pegasus Chronicles kindly agreed to let me use his Wraith models, so a whole bunch of much better meshes went in for the Wraith fleet as well. I chose to focus on getting compatibility going first, so I stuck pretty much to what I could bring in relatively quickly for now.

What's next?

Well obviously, as it is tagged as Beta, there may be some bug squashing and balance adjustments needed. SGRaces was live and played for several years so I'm relatively confident that it's going to be ok for the most part, where the content already existed. Still, as feedback comes in, tweaking can happen.

My focus going forward is going to be on fleshing out the remaining missing assets, fixing up the old stuff that is salvageable and/or outright replacing stuff from new sources. Clean-up of meshes, re-mapping and re-texturing takes time though and that's why the beta only included the stuff that I had already done or that was relatively quick to convert into a Sins useable format.

Then of course there are the things that don't actually exist yet... anywhere. Like much of the Ori fleet. There are exactly two official ships designs, plus two old and badly in need of re-doing models from the older versions of SGRaces... Fleshing out their fleet with original content is going to take some time. To say the least. Without saying too much, I don't actually have to start from nothing, but there is a lot farther to go with the Ori than any other faction. For this reason, I expect that progress on Ori content is going to be the slowest and may well not be the complete focus until other, easier holes to fill are handled.

So that's about it for now. I hope that gives you an idea of where the mod is and what to expect going forward. Thanks for dropping by and giving this a read.


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