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It's been pretty much a year after the first SiC - Remod (sorry about that), but i've finally managed to get things right and get SiC2 - Remod done!

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Survive in Catacombs 2 - Remod 1.0


So yeah, here it is! SiC2 Remodded.

Without spoiling too much, it's obvious from the very start that this mod was way better than its predecessor in a lot of ways, level design looks somewhat better, custom weapons are even more customized, more zombie model selections, and quite a lot of very impressive setpieces to see and experience.

Image 4

The custom weapons this time seems to take a lot of inspiration from the Blood game, using weapons like the pitchfork, flaregun, sawn-off shotgun, even the sticked TNT with the lighter.
Though we do get a different SMG this time around, no tommy guns, just your simple average MP-18.
They're not too powerful (except the shotgun, of course), so any power fantasy is straight out, but they're not too weak so any bulletsponges are either rare or reserved for the Hard difficulty.

Image 1

The only complaints i got is the jarring jump from map2 to map 3, the somewhat filler level that is map5 (i had to spice up just so it won't be a walking up simulator), the fact that mod was a bit short, and that no more sequels came out, but i guess that's life.

Anywho, that's all i can say about this mod, sweet but too short.

Image 2

About the Remod, apologies for the late year and a bit before the sequel, a lot of the assets of the first SiC-Remod are incompatible with SiC2 so i had to redo a lot of stuff.

The SiC1 zombie models in particular would sometimes crash the game for no reason, so i had to get rid of those guys for the new zombies, which some of you guys would probably like since they don't have the weird looking bulging eyes that SiC1 zombies had.

My only true regret with this Remod is not being able to translate the voices.
Though now that i think of it, even if the voices are translated, i would probably need to either find someone to redub the lines, or redub them myself, and i can't be bothered to do that.

Hope ya'll have fun with the Remod!


start traicking

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Awesome! SiC2 was my favorite of the couple for sure, even if it was on the short side! :)

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