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Completed the main campaigns? New map sets are available in the Addons tab.

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New maps available in the Addons tab

Beta 64, a 31 level megawad by Antnee has been ported to DOOM 64 CE and is available for download in the Addons tab.

By now there are a few ported map sets available for DOOM CE that may have been overlooked, so here is a quick preview of what is available for download...

Beta 64

Maps by Antnee
Ported by molecicco

Quoting the author's original Doomworld post: "I tried to follow a sort of "Doom 64 the way 'Mid did" philosophy in terms of design, looks, and gameplay, but I've increased the difficulty a bit from the original". This ported megawad also contains some elements that are not present in the original, such as an original story by Immorpher, and the four bonus maps are now included in a new episode titled "Altars of Tech" that will be unlocked in the main menu after beating the main levels.

Map: Fortress of Abaddon

Episode 1 for DOOM 64 (Knee Deep In The Dead)

Maps by z0k
Ported by molecicco

Doom 1's shareware episode, adapted for Doom 64. It is not a direct copy, however. The levels have been remade to add extra details and make use of Doom 64's unique effects.

Map: Hangar

Playstation DOOM Reloaded

Maps by RHG45 and Yikesdude754
Ported by styd051

Currently a work in progress and only the first episode (33 maps!) is available. This megawad inspired by PSX DOOM contains many surprises, such as a deadlier revenant and a new weapon.

Map: Periphery

Fall of Triton

Maps by RHG45
Ported by styd051

Contains Fall of Triton and The Vortex Catastrophe, two PSX DOOM-style megawads by released in 2018 by RHG45. This port contains some improvements over the original such as demon placement and texture fixes.

Map: Acid Falls

Plutonia 2 & Plutonia Community Revisited Project

Maps by various designers, follow the Doomworld link inside for a complete list
Originally ported to the PSX DOOM TC by Cryo
Ported by molecicco

In 2020, Cryo ported the legendary Plutonia 2 and PCRP megawads to the Playstation Doom total conversion (which DOOM CE is based on), redesigning their levels in PSX DOOM style, with colored sector lighting, simplified geometry and tweaked monster placement.

Map: Go 4 It

Finally, here are the installation instructions once again, for convenience:

Running the main mod (DOOM CE)

Previous versions of the mod used to run out of the box, just by opening gzdoom. This has changed on the latest versions and there are now prerequisites in place:

  • PSX DOOM CE and PSX FINAL DOOM CE require DOOM2.WAD to run, much like other DOOM mods.
  • DOOM 64 CE now requires DOOM 64 (Steam/2020 rerelease) to run.

PSX DOOM Instructions

Just place DOOM2.WAD in the same directory as gzdoom.exe or in its [IWADSearch.Directories] (configured inside gzdoom.ini).

If you have DOOM 2 installed in Steam, open its installation folder and copy the DOOM2.WAD from the base folder (not rerelease) into gzdoom's directory.

Finally, extract all the files included in the main mod download (full or lite) into the same directory as gzdoom.exe or in one of its [FileSearch.Directories].

If everything went well, you should see this when opening gzdoom.exe:


DOOM 64 Instructions

The Steam DOOM64.WAD will not be recognized by gzdoom by default, so it has to be patched. Included with the mod is an automatic patcher (doom64-install.bat). Just run it and after it completes the mod will be ready to play. Special thanks to phredreeke for the idea and initial implementation.

The auto-patcher will try to find your Steam installation of DOOM 64 and automatically patch and create all necessary files to play. If for any reason the Steam installation is not found, you can copy DOOM64.WAD to the same folder as the .bat file and it will use that instead.

Finally, extract the main mod files (full or lite) into the same directory as gzdoom.exe or in one of its [FileSearch.Directories] (configured inside gzdoom.ini).

If everything went well, you should see this when opening gzdoom.exe:


Do not run the entry that says (Steam/Unsupported), because it is not compatible with gzdoom.

Running optional addons included with the download

Bundled with the mod are two pk3 files that are not auto-loaded, AspectRatio.pk3 to use the horizontally-stretched aspect ratio of the PlayStation versions, and 3PointFilter.pk3 to apply the Nintendo 64's 3-Point filtering to textures. They are compatible with any CE mod, which means you can play PSX DOOM with Nintendo 64's filtering, or DOOM 64 with the stretched aspect ratio.

To load them, drag and drop the pk3 to gzdoom.exe, or use the command line or your favorite mod loader.

3PointFilter.pk3 preview:


AspectRatio.pk3 preview:aspect

Running map sets from the Addons tab

Each download comes with a .bat file that will run the map set as well as all of its included addons. It will run if you extracted every file in the same directory as gzdoom.exe

If you use a different directory layout, you can take a look at the .bat file (opening it as a text file) and use the load order in your favorite mod loader, like ZDL.

If you use the Lite version of DOOM CE or have removed some addons, you can remove the respective pk3s labeled "addon" from these sets too so they don't get loaded.

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