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In The Rising, You will be fighting against Nazi Zombies. Whats that you say, that's old, that idea is played out... Well try this on for size, you are doing all this while playing on a multiplayer server. That's right, this is Nazi Zombies multiplayer style. In this version of the game you and up to 64 other players are fighting to stop the hoards, waves, of zombies and dogs from doing the only thing they know how to do, Killing you.

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Hi all.
Here some points of the upcoming beta.

- 6 New Custom maps
- 4 Stock maps added to the list
- Commander box added , You can purchase here :
---- Mortar Rounds
---- Panzerschrek Rounds
---- Sticky Nades
---- As commander you can buy here artillery shells

- Added Doctor Class Weapons ( Includes 4 Weapons to be picked )
- Added Supporter Class , Includes 2 Weapons.
----Can build up MG's now instead of the Builder.
---- Can be picked if there are 8 or more players in the server.
---- Can place his own mg's on "mantleable" spots

- Disabled sprinting, mantling , ladder climbing.
---- Scouts are now really usefull as they are faster then other players while they aren't sprinting.

- Added Coffee Machine , with this you can increase your speed, but beware , if your Scout and you drink coffee , it will slow you down, and if you drunk a Sleight of hand before it , you will be sleightly confused and your vision will be decreased.
- Renamed the Classes
- Changed Hud Display for Builder mode.
- Shrinked max population of 14
- Added a system that will automatically connects you to a other server if one is full.

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