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A beta version is out and any feedback would be appreciated.

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I recently added a new version (version 0.2) of the game to the downloads page, available for both Mac and Windows computers. Semantically speaking it is a beta version of the final product in the sense that the game works the way I intend it to and what is left in terms of engine work is just tweaking and bugfixing.
For those technically inclined, here is a full list of changes:

  • Changed how the graphics are handled, opening up for new screen resolutions
  • Changed the path-finding algorithm to something better
  • Added support for gamepads
  • Added a loading screen at the beginning of the game
  • Added an options menu (with graphics and sound settings)
  • Added support for keyboard/gamepad navigation of the menus

A lot of this was possible thanks to libraries and tools built by the LÖVE Club.

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