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Update Regarding Beta v1.2. Complete changelog and explanation of some of the gameplay adjustments. Possible release schedule is also outlined.

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There have been some suggestions and observations that have been noted for the 1.2 build of Tribal Wars. We've managed to track down most of the major bugs, and make some tweaks to improve the gameplay experience. Here is a list of changes:

-Fixed CTF Logic to allow for tie breaker
-Fixed Flag Effect bug when Map Starts
-Added GUI elements for Grenades, Mines, and Healthkit
-Teams have 3 Grenades instead of 2
-Disabled Tooltips by Default
-Mines are removed when you try to place above the Maximum amount
-Adjustment to Icepick so Minspec and Highspec lighting is similar
-Increase in Ion Splash Knockback
-Increase in Maximum Friction Angle
-Reduction in Fall Damage + Higher Threshold
-Reduction in Air Friction
-Increase in Fire Rate on Gatling Gun
-Reduction in overheating on Blaster Rifle
-Change pm_thirdperson cheat protection

There's been a host of tweaks, but the subtle changes should be noteworthy once you start skiing around the maps. There's been an increase in the minimum friction angle, meaning you get better traction when climbing steeper hills (icepick for example). By extension this also means you're able to ski up hills slightly better, and you can ski further up hills before it's necessary to use your jets. Additionally the air friction has been changed to .19 (it was .2 before). Even though it's a very small change, you should note that you start to accelerate faster and it's easier to hit that top speed. The physics threshold for the fall damage has been raised again by a small amount, and the amount of damage you take has been reduced by 2-3 points.

We also added a few new features to the GUI. You'll now get an indicator which tells you the number of grenades you have, the number of Mines you have as well as the number of mines that are deployed. There is also an icon telling you if you have a healthkit or not. pm_thirdperson is not longer cheat protected, so you may be able to bind a key to toggle between the first and third person online. Additionally those annoying tooltips have been muted by default, and will no longer be played ingame (they were not relevant anyway).

There have also been some tweaks to some of the weapons. The Ion Rifle splash will give some additional knockback, and it's projectile has been sped up by a small amount. The Gatling Gun fire rate has been increased slightly, and the Blaster Rifle has slightly less overheat allowing you fire an additional shot before it overheats. The Mines also remove themselves when you try to place more than the maximum amount. Say for instance you accidentally drop a mine in the field somewhere, and want to place a 3rd mine. You do not have to track down the missing mine and remove it manually, it will disappear when you place an additional mine.

The Beta Testing process has been very valuable to the project and a lot of the feedback I've gotten has changed a number of things with the Mod. We're very close to having a public release in the next while, and v1.2 might be the last patch before that occurs. Barring any technical defects with this latest release, we should be able to schedule the finished product sometime next week.

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